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Office Furniture Design Trends for 2022

Office design trends are changing to bring the comforts of home into the workspace. Discover some popular office furniture trends for 2022 and what you can do to enhance your workspace to match these trends.

How to Create an Ergonomic Workspace at Home

Help prevent potential health issues by creating an ergonomic workspace that keeps your body and mind aligned for productivity throughout the day!

How Celebrations Affect Employee Satisfaction

Do office celebrations help employees feel connected to their organization, leading them to go the extra mile for their employer or team? Here, we analyze the effect office celebrations — virtual or in person — have on employees, staff retention, and hiring.

The Impacts of the Pandemic on the Education Industry

The COVID-19 pandemic changed all our lives, including our education system. Learn more about how the pandemic impacted the education industry and what we can expect moving forward.