Leveraging Technology

Today’s workplace relies on technology, but is your business up to speed? Explore the latest IT and data management topics to ensure your office has the tech tools it needs.


Guide To Safe Cyber Monday Shopping

While excited shoppers feverishly click away to claim amazing Cyber Monday deals, scammers lie in wait to take advantage of lax security measures. But by employing a few simple safety checks, shoppers can thwart attempts to get a hold of their personal information and money.

The Evolution of the Classroom

Classrooms today look vastly different from our own school days — and the current generation’s classrooms are even more futuristic. Discover how the classroom has evolved to meet the needs of each generation.

The State of Cord-Cutting and Streaming in 2020

Staples surveyed 1,000 consumers of all ages in the U.S. to see if people are predominantly streaming, watching cable, or both in 2020.

Device Care: How to Optimize and Clean Your Laptop and Smartphone

These cleaning and battery-optimizing tips will help your devices work to their full potential.