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EcoTank Printers

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Lower the cost of printing at home and in the office by switching to EcoTank® printers. These Epson® supertank printers don’t use ink cartridges. Rather, they have large ink reservoir tanks refilled by ink bottles. This difference gives them certain advantages over regular inkjet printing machines. Browse the large inventory of essential office equipment at Staples® to find a good selection of Epson’s cartridge-free printers.

Choose an EcoTank Printer for Its Convenience and Cost-Saving Benefits
EcoTanks have higher yields than regular inkjets. While high-capacity ink cartridges deliver 450 to 500 pages before running out, supertanks yield over 6,500 pages. For most people, this is two years’ worth of printed pages. Replacement bottles used by supertanks have lower per-volume costs than ink cartridges. This means users spend nothing on ink for the first two years and then spend less on printing thereafter.

Users refill supertank printers less often. This is convenient for busy offices with high print volumes as it reduces downtime caused by cartridge changes. Replacing or refilling printer ink can be a messy process. Having to perform this task less often is a reason many home and office users choose printers with high-capacity ink tanks.

Key Factors to Consider When Shopping for Epson EcoTank Printers
Choose a model that supports paper sizes commonly used in the office. Sizes supported by EcoTank units include letter, legal, and photo paper, and select  models handle other sizes of copy and photo paper. Consider paper capacity and printing speed when comparing Epson’s supertank printers. Most of them can hold up to 250 sheets at once. While this capacity is suitable for all offices, businesses with high print volumes should opt for models that can hold 500 to 600 pages or more.

EcoTank printers have speeds similar to other inkjet units. Entry-level models that turn out up to 10 pages of black-and-white prints per minute are ideal for home users. Offices can opt for units that deliver 11 to 20 ppm (pages per minute) or faster. Duplex printing and automatic document feeder (ADF) functions are optional. Duplex or double-sided printing help users save on paper costs. ADF feeds a printer with sheets without requiring user input. It’s a time-saving feature that comes in handy when printing, copying, scanning, and faxing multipage documents.   

Are EcoTank Printers All-in-One Models?
Yes. Most of the printers in this Epson lineup are all-in-one machines that can also copy and scan documents. Some models have faxing capabilities. This multifunction piece of office equipment takes up less space than separate machines do in the office. Users also spend less by purchasing an all-in-one unit rather than the individual machines it replaces.

What Are Wide-Format EcoTank Printers?
These models support sheets that are 18 inches or wider. Epson’s wide-format EcoTank models can print on pages up to 13 x 19 inches. They’re good for printing banners, posters, technical drawings, and spreadsheets.  

What Connectivity Options Do EcoTank Printers Have?
All of them have wireless connectivity. Users can also print from thumb drives connected to the USB ports on the printers. Only select models have Ethernet ports. This option is for making wired connections to routers when adding printers to computer networks.
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