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The Packaging Wholesalers Bag Renature Biodegradable Loose Fill Bag, 14 cu. ft., Natural, (C14BNUTS)
Item #24407299
Model #C14BNUTS
  • Renature is a non-petro-chemical protein based loose fill
  • Sourced and made in the USA
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Partners Brand Loose Fill Packing Peanut, 7 cu. ft., White, (7NUTSW)
Item #414199
Model #7NUTSW
  • Each bag contains 7 cu. ft. of packing peanuts
  • Use to cushion contents on all sides
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Antistatic Packing Peanuts, Pink, 7 Cu. Ft. (7NUTSAS)
Item #417104
Model #7NUTSAS
  • Each bag contains 7 cu. ft.
  • These packing peanuts protect static-sensitive electronic components from static discharge
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Protect shipped products with an assortment of packing peanuts at Staples®. These items help keep packages safe from rocky roads, vibrations, turbulence, and other issues related to frequent handling. Include lightweight foam peanuts alongside other shipping, packing, and mailing supplies to keep fragile items well-protected until they reach their destination.

Packing Peanuts Fit Perfectly Around Items
Peanuts are ideal for oddly shaped items because they’re able to fit around the curves and angles of objects. They’re available with ultra-light, S-shaped, expanded polystyrene, or Styrofoam™ materials. All of these materials are durable and lightweight, which means they don’t add to the weight of packages. This keeps shipping costs affordable. For optimal protection, ship items in boxes with 2 to 4 inches between the edge of the object and the sides of the shipping box. Too much space allows items to shift and reduces the effectiveness of Styrofoam peanuts. It’s a good idea to overfill boxes by up to 10 percent to maximize efficiency and accommodate for settling.

Foam Corners Offer Robust Protection
For more rigid protection, try molded foam corners made with expanded polystyrene. This keeps items in place inside packages. Line the corners of electronics and other square objects to protect against inevitable impacts and vibrations during the shipping process. Protect screens and surfaces from scratches and other types of damage. Foam corners are suitable for bulkier items and won’t mar the surface. Try foam edges to offer greater protection for televisions and monitors. With tapered exterior edges, protected items can fit snugly into boxes for safe shipping. 

Are Foam Peanuts Used When Shipping Books and Clothing?
A standard rule of thumb is to use them with items that weigh less than 45 pounds. Heavier items may compress the small S-shape and reduce the effectiveness of the protection offered. Because of their small size, peanuts fit between the pages of books, magazines, and other multi-page items. Always wrap these items in bags or plastic wrap before adding packing peanuts to keep everything in excellent condition. Biodegradable options don’t give off a static charge, making them useful for shipping large quantities of clothes and other fabrics.

Are Eco-friendly Packing Peanuts Available?
Re-purpose reusable Styrofoam peanuts for multiple shipments and packages during their lifespan. Keep them for shipping gifts during the holidays or for other special occasions. Many recycling programs accept peanuts and some organizations reuse them for children’s arts and crafts projects. When dropping units off for recycling, keep them separated from other packaging and recyclable materials.

How to Select the Right Packing Peanuts?
Standard white packing peanuts offer sufficient protection for most items. Pink options offer anti-static protection that makes them well-equipped for shipments involving electronics. Many polystyrene peanuts have anti-static compounds that reduce their clinginess to screens. They’re available in bags of 7 cubic feet and are great for personal use, and for businesses and organizations. They require minimal storage space and are accessible for shipments as needed. Choose from a variety of peanut types to ensure that the shipping process runs smoothly.