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Perk Disposable Plates

Office gatherings, special events, and on-the-go meals are easy with Perk disposable plates. Disposable plates and flatware offer a simple way to plan for a large crowd with no need for dishwashing facilities. Explore plates of various sizes and colors at Staples to plan for the next potluck gathering, working lunch, or celebration.

Colors and themes for different events and settings
For regular office lunches and non-themed events, white disposable plates are a convenient and neutral option. There are also choices for those interested in adding a bit of flair to an event. Besides its standard white plates, Perk produces options with blue, teal, and yellow accents.

Perk disposable plates available in multiple size options
Whether you’re planning for a full meal or passing around cake and small bites, there are plate options available through Perk. Larger plates, including the 9-inch and 10-inch models, are well-suited to full meals and potluck affairs. Consider smaller models, such as the 6-inch model and the 8.5-inch model, for gatherings where people are dining on appetizers and desserts. Multiple sizes allow party planners to find the ideal plate for every gathering to save money and waste.

Prevent spills with rimmed sides
Plates with high rims allow diners to pile their plates high without spills or drips. Many Perk disposable plates have high sides that make it easy to squeeze through a large crowd or hurry back to the desk with a full plate of food without making a mess.

What are the benefits of compostable Perk disposable plates?
Most Perk plates use conventional paper-based materials and coatings that prevent oil or other liquid absorption. Others use compostable materials, helping users keep the office or home environmentally friendly. Compostable plates feature bagasse, a sugarcane-based material that composts easily. These plates have earned sustainability certifications, so they’re an easy choice for those who want to make thoughtful, planet-friendly choices. The compostable models available from Perk are suitable for industrial facilities.

What bulk package options are available?
Plates are available in a wide range of package sizes to accommodate every host, from someone planning the occasional party to those who always have at least one office gathering coming up. Smaller bundles often include 125 plates, which is usually enough for one large party or several smaller events. Those interested in bulk ordering options can choose from bundles of 250, 500, or 1,000 plates. Packing options vary. Packages typically contain one or more plate stacks for convenient placement on a buffet or dessert station. Bulk packages keep multiple plate stacks safely sealed for easy storage in a supply closet or kitchen.

What are the differences between Perk economy plates and other Perk plates?
One value-friendly option available from Perk is the company’s line of economy plates. Economy plates are lightweight, but still strong enough to hold dry or light food items without tears or leaks. These plates have a matte paper finish. Standard Perk plates have a coating. The coating prevents oil and liquid absorption, preventing stains on clothing and furniture. Standard disposable plates are a dependable option for heavy, dense, or wet foods.