Canon PIXMA Ink Cartridges

Canon is a well known and respected office-supply brand offering a variety of printers and printer ink and toner cartridges. For example, the Canon PIXMA series is a popular Canon inkjet printer model that should be used in combination with Canon PIXMA ink cartridges designed for vibrant, clear printing results. Learn more about Canon PIXMA printer ink cartridges below.

What Is Canon PIXMA Ink Best Used for?

Canon PIXMA printers are high-quality printers made for delivering professional-looking documents and photos. The PIXMA printer and ink cartridge series is known for its superior print color and clarity. Ink cartridges for Canon PIXMA printers are especially known for their high performance and efficiency, all while delivering smooth documents with crisp, well-detailed line work. Some of the best Canon PIXMA ink cartridges have a guaranteed 500-page capacity and a 24-month shelf life. These features are what make Canon PIXMA ink the ideal choice for your professional printing needs, especially for photos and documents that include detailed designs. You might even want to consider purchasing photo paper for producing the best quality photos at home with your Canon PIXMA printer.

Do All Canon PIXMA Printers Use the Same Ink?

Most Canon PIXMA printers use a combination of black pigment-based ink and dye-based colored ink. For example, the combination of ink cartridges for a PIXMA TR8520 printer should usually include 1 black pigment-based cartridge and 4 color dye-based cartridges. The black pigment-based ink is primarily used for printing crisp and clear text documents, while the dye-based color cartridges are used for high-quality photo printing. You have the option of refilling your Canon PIXMA printer with one tricolor or multiple individual dye-based color ink tanks. If you primarily use your PIXMA printer for professional photo printing, you might want to consider a model that only uses dye-based Canon PIXMA ink.