Restaurant Apparel

Keep your staff comfortable and looking neat and sharp with assorted restaurant apparel. For your kitchen staff, select assorted chefwear that will keep them cool and protected and help them remain efficient. Add a final touch of polish to your waitstaff with tasteful aprons.

Protective Wear
To keep your chefs, sauciers, and line cooks safe and comfortable, choose from traditional double-breasted, long-sleeved chef jackets made of cotton or cotton polyester with cool vents options. The classic double-breasted design offers an extra layer of torso protection for inevitable grease spills and splashes, and French-cuffed long sleeves protect arms but can be easily rolled up when things get heated. Select the white coats for a classic look, or pick from a variety of other colors to match your restaurant decor and style — particularly in exposed kitchens or restaurants with chef's tables from which the food line is visible.

Style and Cleanliness
Elegant chef hats, beanies, and skullcaps are required gear by most local health departments because they help keep hair and sweat out of the food. Additionally, they add to the elegance of your busy food preparers.

Bib chef aprons add an extra layer of protection to your kitchen staff and keep uniforms clean during long or double shifts. A quick change of aprons between shifts allows chefs, cooks, and cleaning staff to remain looking neat and professional. Half-length or full-length bistro aprons with convenient pockets for pens and order pads are a simple touch that can add flair to your wait staff's look and help them remain looking dapper and clean throughout the shift. Additional host and server supplies such as handsome check presenters and order pads will keep your waitstaff efficient and confident.