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Read, print and share PDF files


Convert Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher and Access files to PDF


Scan paper documents into PDF so that the text is automatically recognized


Edit and save PDF files as Microsoft Word documents and Excel spreadsheets, retaining layout, fonts, formatting and tables


Combine files from multiple applications including documents, spreadsheets, emails, Web pages and images


Review documents with a complete set of commenting tools using a simple, unified tool pane


Manage and track shared document reviews that allow review participants to see one another's comments


Easily create writable PDF forms


Enable Adobe Reader users to fill in and save PDFs


Distribute PDF forms to collect information and track their status


Digitally sign PDF documents or add document timestamps


Insert audio, Adobe Flash® Player compatible video, and interactive media for direct playback


Easily assemble a range of content types into a polished, organized PDF portfolio with included layouts, visual themes and color palettes


Automate multistep tasks and share with others


Compare and highlight the differences between two versions of a PDF document


Enable Adobe Reader users to participate in reviews and digitally sign PDF documents


Create professional forms from templates or design them from scratch


Permanently delete sensitive information, including specific text or illustrations


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Skip email attachments and use Adobe SendNow

Skip email attachments and use Adobe SendNow

Simplify document tasks with Action Wizard

Revolutionize your documents with PDF portfolios