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Security Solutions That Fit Your Budget | Retail Security Solutions | Staples®

Security Solutions That Fit Your Budget

Security will always be a top concern for retail businesses. But for small stores, a few simple physical security solutions may be all you need to reduce theft. Take a look at security solutions for three different budget levels and what each can offer your retail small business.

Low-Cost Security Solutions

Most small independent retailers don’t have thousands of dollars to sink into antitheft devices. However, they can choose from some affordable security solutions to keep their premises safer while staying on budget.

Investing in high-quality tamperproof locks is an easy way to keep intruders at bay. If you run a store in a more exposed location, you may also consider a security screen that rolls down over the entire entryway when the store is unattended.

Even how you stock your items can make a difference. Focus the expensive products in high-traffic areas so you can keep a closer eye on key merchandise. Suppose you run a high-end gift shop, for example. Placing jewelry or small, expensive accessories close to the register will allow you to keep an eye on items that are easily stuffed in a purse or pocket.

And don’t neglect the human element — it’s by far the most budget-friendly solution at your disposal. Take the time to educate your staff on essential security etiquette, like greeting everyone who walks through the door. This courtesy has the added benefit of letting would-be shoplifters know you’re aware of their presence.

Security Options Requiring Intermediate Investment

Mid-level security solutions don’t have to break the bank, but they will provide more substantial security returns. If your store holds more stock or is slightly larger, you’ll want a more robust security solution to stave off criminals.

Fake security cameras can be powerful and affordable deterrents against potential thieves. Radio tags and exit sensors, meanwhile, can trip an alarm if something expensive is removed from the premises without payment.

At this moderate budget level, you may also want to consider some building-level security options, such as a basic alarm system or bright floodlights for nighttime protection. These options are fairly low-tech and can serve your retail business as an entity, offering protection for the entire store with just one piece of hardware.

Premium Security Systems

As you might expect, the most expensive retail security solutions are often the most advanced. Full video monitoring is the surest way to secure your entire store, though you’ll want to check out local laws regarding recording technologies to ensure you stay on the right side of privacy regulations.

Beyond security cameras, integrated alarms can shut down the sort of entry points favored by sophisticated criminals. And of course, investing in actual human security is the most powerful deterrent, either in the form of one guard or an entire team. This can be an expensive solution, but it makes sense for jewelry stores or other shops that display tens of thousands of dollars of merchandise on the store floor.

Theft is never going away, but often a few smart investments can greatly reduce your exposure to losses. It all comes down to finding the right security solution for your budget and situation.

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