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Using Mannequins For Display and Design | Retail Display | Staples®

Double It Up: Meet Your Display and Design Goals with Mannequins

Mannequins are one of the most important tools for a clothing retailer’s display. They offer great visual appeal, can be used throughout your store and have an uncanny ability to sell merchandise. Mannequins are retail display fixtures with personality, and they contribute both to your store displays and your store design.

If you own a retail clothing store, your first fixture to invest in should be a mannequin (or two or 10). Whether you style them in clothing alone or dress them up with jewelry and accessories, mannequins are the best way to sell customers on the visual appeal of your merchandise.

Mannequins can come in wood, wire, plaster and fabric finishes � from full body forms to busts, hands, heads or legs. Most often, mannequins come with floor stands as a base, but they can also be sold as hanging forms for use on clothing racks.

Mannequins are not only great for selling the clothes they’re displaying, but they can also help sell the clothes around them or associated items. Use them to help coordinate parts of an outfit and accessories for a full look your customers will want to replicate.

Mannequins on your store floor should match the overall theme where they’re displayed. Consider the colors and types of merchandise in adjacent display areas when prepping your body form.

As with any other display fixture, maintenance should always be part of your mannequin display plan. A lint roller works great to clean up cloth forms and a simple cloth or rag works well on metal, plaster or wooden forms.

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