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What Can Your Small Business Learn from "Shark Tank"? | Business Hub |®

What Can Your Small Business Learn from "Shark Tank"?

Every week on ABC's Shark Tank, entrepreneurs pitch their businesses to a group of investor Sharks. What can your business learn from those who've scored deals and have seen their ideas become successful enterprises? Plenty. We spoke to some small business owners who've been in the Tank, as well as Shark Lori Grenier, to get their advice. Here's how you can follow in their footsteps and grow your own business.

Innovation & Invention: How to Tell If Your New Product Idea is a Winner or a Wannabe

Here are 3 tips for evaluating the potential of your new product or invention.

How to Get Funding from a Shark (or Any Another Investor)

Make sure your pitch goes swimmingly with these 7 tips for presenting your business idea to investors, lenders and partners.

More Than Money: The Benefits an Investor Brings to Your Business

Investors can also connect you with customers, vendors and other experts to power your business to success.

Pitching Fails: What Not to Do When Pitching Your Business

Presenting your business or product idea to a potential investor or partner? Avoid these common miscues and improve you chances of closing the deal.

7 Financing Alternatives for When Your Investor Funding Falls Through

Learn about alternative funding options from our team of experts.

Entrepreneurs: Are You Prepared for Your Big Break?

You’re shooting for the stars, but will your business be ready when you get there? Follow this advice.

Expert Tips for Entrepreneurs from Shark Tank’s Lori Greiner

Get expert tips from Shark Tank’s Lori Greiner on pitching to investors and growing your small business.

Meet the Entrepreneurs

How the Founder of Scrub Daddy Perfected His Pitch

A smiley-faced sponge racks up some serious coin after a Shark Tank appearance: $13.5 million in sales in less than a year. Learn how they achieved success in such a short time.

A Clear Vision Led to Big Business for Invisiplug

Invisiplug’s successful business model is all about what you don’t see, yet Shark Tank investors saw its great potential. Learn more from Invisiplug’s owners. 

These “Wicked Good” Entrepreneurs Keep Baking Up New Ideas

Learn how a mother-daughter team became the genius behind Wicked Good Cupcakes, a business that entrepreneur Kevin O’Leary dubbed a phenomenal investment.

Squatty Potty: Turning an Embarrassing Product into a Success

Squatty Potty, a simple solution to elimination issues, launches a family business, changes lives and earns rave reviews on Shark Tank. Learn how they succeeded and take away some business tips of your own.

Learning How to Pivot Led to More Sales for This Deodorant for Clothing

The world’s first deodorant for clothing scores big on Shark Tank, netting a $150,000 investment for a Dallas-based brother-run business. Get tips for starting your own business. 

A Strong Network Means Pursecase Has Big-Time Sales in the Bag

Pursecase, a fashionable practical clutch, is parlaying success on the Shark Tank into big-time sales. Learn more from the women behind the success story.  

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