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Twist ties are versatile tools with many application. Use them to close plastic bags holding food or gifts to keep items fresh and safe. Keep unwieldy computer and electrical cords in place or tightly seal garbage bags. These ties come in various colors, sizes, and types for different uses. Staples® offers many shipping supplies that complement ties including gift bags, poly bags, bag tape, and shipping tags.

Benefits of Materials Used to Make Ties
Twist ties are made from two materials. Inside is a strip of steel or aluminum wire and outside is a special coating. There are several coating options, which affect use. Paper is the most common material and is often used for gift and bread bags. Vinyl or plastic ties are water repellent, which makes them suitable for closing garbage bags that sit by the roadside in the rain. Some plastic or vinyl coatings are metallic to add pizzazz to presents or gift baskets. Rubber is thick and durable for wrapping around electrical cords or garden hoses.

Types of Ties and Their Uses
Choose from a variety of tie types to help complete specific jobs. Self-locking ties create a tighter hold for bags that need to keep out water, dust, or air. Some ties are wider than the usual 5/32 inches, so users can label objects. Tree ties are green to match foliage when creating bouquets or tying vines on a trellis. Double wire ties provide extra sturdiness for thick contractors bags.

Common Twist Tie Sizes
Ties come in two styles: spools or pre-cut. Spools allow users to cut ties to a desired length and are useful for multiple projects. Pre-cut ties are held together in perforated sheets, called gangs, and vary between 4 to 12 inches long. Smaller ones are a viable option for small goodie bags or covered gift baskets while longer ones work well with garbage bags or electronic cords.

Is There a Way to Twist Many Ties at Once?
A twist tie machine has the ability to close up to 50 ties per minute. Semi-automatic machines use a trigger, while automatic options are hands-free. Some are handheld and lightweight for portability. Table top versions keep hands free to hold items in place. Machines usually use spool type ties and can twist three or four times for tight closure.

Can Ties go in the Oven?
Oven safe ties, like those found alongside oven or roasting bags, are made from heat-rated materials. Only these types are safe to go into a hot oven. Check labels for any information that the product is heat proof before baking them.

Are Twist Ties Recyclable?
Ties are made from two different recyclable materials. You have to remove the coating from the wire and then recycle them separately. Alternatively, reuse ties instead of tossing them in the garbage. They have many extra uses around the home and office and can be used to hang ornaments, fix zippers, hang plants, and keep office supplies safe in storage bags.

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