Union & Scale

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Furniture that works for you

Trendy or classic, collaborative or private, a single chair or an entire floor. We’ll help you create the right spaces for your team.

Simply effortless

Our collections work and look great together so you can mix and match with stunning (and comfortable) results.

Flexible systems

Our line of modular furniture is flexible so as your business grows, your space can grow with you.

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Trend inspired

We'll help create a vibe that's all you, from business classic to industrial chic.

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Workplace2.0™ Collection

Modern design, effortless functionality. A collection made to work as good as it looks.

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Lewis Collection

Collaborative and customizable. Create a Lewis™ space for an office that inspires.

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More collections on the way

Check back soon to shop more collections and styles.

Need help getting started?
Our design specialists are here to help you create the perfect spaces for your team.