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Trademark Instant Bathroom and Household Safety BarTrademark Instant Bathroom and Household Safety Bar
Item #1181334
Model #83-47764
  • Fits securely to any vertical or horizontal surface in seconds
  • Flip-up securing tabs create vacuum to securely hold the bar in place
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DMI® Pair of 250 lbs. Toilet Safety Adjustable Arm Supports, Silver/WhiteDMI® Pair of 250 lbs. Toilet Safety Adjustable Arm Supports, Silver/White
Item #276585
Model #521-1810-9602
  • Arm Support
  • Silver/White
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HealthSmart™ 250 lbs. Toilet Safety Adjustable Arm Support With BactiX™, Aluminum
Item #276586
Model #521-9804-9601
  • Quick and easy installation, durable suction pads ensure safe balance assistance
  • Effective for lifetime of the product
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Bathroom safety rails help patients with mobility issues remain independent during hygiene activities. Install toilet rails and grab bars in your health care facility to reduce the risk of accidents. Add safety rails to the bathrooms in your business to meet the needs of those with disabilities.

Prevent Accidents
Grab bars and toilet rails decrease the risk of accidents in bathrooms, and sturdy rails with comfortable grips help people with limited mobility or strength use the facilities safely without falling. Kits including tub seats, non-slip mats, handheld shower sprays, and portable grab bars provide extra support during baths and showers. Adapt your bath area to safely serve a diverse population with the addition of bathroom safety rails near all fixtures.

Increase Independence
Bathroom safety rails provide extra support in the bathroom for those recovering from illnesses and injuries. Encourage the addition of safety rails at the toilet and grab bars in the bathing area in the home bathrooms of patients facing long recuperation periods after surgery. Safety rails and shower chairs deliver the assistance needed for patients to retain their privacy during self-care routines.

Support Multiple Positions
Adjustable bathroom safety rails are versatile to supply needed support in multiple positions. Install foldable toilet rails that rotate backward and forward to accommodate the needs of a wide range of users. Bathtub safety rails with adjustable heights and angles make baths and showers safer.

Clean Easily
Select bathroom safety rails made of easy-to-clean materials to reduce the time necessary to maintain clean facilities. Durable, corrosion-proof aluminum and zinc-plated steel resist rust for years of maintenance-free use.