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Transport yourself back in time with biography and autobiography books that tell the stories of the most influential people of our time. Learn from the accounts of historic figures across all backgrounds, including soldiers, artists, writers, inventors, politicians, pilots, nurses, and more.

Valuable Life Lessons
Biography and autobiography books teach us some of the most important lessons in life. Reading about the trials and tribulations of others not only shows us that we're not alone with our struggles, but also teaches young people how to best pursue their goals and dreams. These books give the gift of experience and knowledge to all who read them.

Inspiring Stories
Read about how women of the past, including Jane Austen, Amelia Earhart, and Helen Keller, overcame the many obstacles standing in their way, or how prodigies like Mozart and Beethoven met with success and came to be known as some of the best musicians in history. No matter what your interests may be, these life-changing stories of the world's most exceptional men and women are bound to uplift and encourage you in ways you never imagined.

Exciting Adventures
Not only can biographies and autobiographies teach and inspire us, they also provide incredible stories that captivate and excite the imagination. Action-packed treks through thick jungles, first-hand accounts of being lost on deserted islands, and discoveries of uncharted lands and seas are just a few of the thrilling stories told by some of the world's most important historical figures. A reading lamp helps you read these powerful stories through the night, whether you're immersed in Christopher Columbus' world of discovery or Thomas Edison's journey toward inventing the light bulb.

Helen Keller: Una nueva vision (Helen Keller: A New Vision) (Spanish Version), Paperback (18096)
Helen Keller: Una nueva vision (Helen Keller: A New Vision) (Spanish Version), Paperback (18096)
Item #1222028
Model #18096
  • Tamara Hollingsworth
  • 48 Pages, Paperback
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