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Bungee Cord Office Chairs

Bungee cord chairs offer a combination of style and comfort, making them an ideal choice for a wide variety of office spaces. Choose from low-back, mid-back or high-back designs to suit different environments from the cubical to the conference room to the break room. The straps conform to the body to offer total support throughout the day. Adjustable features like arms and height allow the chairs to be custom fit to the current user for individualized comfort. Available in multiple colors and designs, there's a style to suit almost any taste. Staples carries all the top office furniture brands making it simple to find the right solution to your seating needs.

Bungee Cord Chairs Provide Total Comfort and Support Throughout the Day
Straps across the back and seat adjust to each user's body, moving with them to offer total back support throughout the day. Connected to a sturdy, powder-coated steel frame, many models securely hold anywhere from 200 to 450 pounds. Adjustable features like armrests, seat height and tilt make it easy to find the right settings for complete comfort while working at a desk or table. These chairs are available in multiple heights designed for different task requirements.

Keep Cool with the Help of a Bungee Cord Chair
Breathable, stretchy fabric and an open, airy design help keep users cool while seated for extended periods of time. The slated construction allows air to circulate efficiently across the frame to keep things at a suitable temperature that promotes work sessions uninterrupted by uncomfortable distractions.

Integrate a Bungee Cord Chair into Any Space for a Touch of Sleek, Effortless Style
The modern, minimalist appearance of these chairs adds instant style to any workspace. Available in multiple colors and frame shapes, there is an option that suits a variety of interior design schemes. Choose from more traditional fabric color options like black and white or more vibrant hues such as pink, red or blue. From straight-edged to more curved options the frames come in multiple designs to fit the existing or newly renovated decor of work and common spaces throughout the home and office. The sleek look and feel of this particular type of furniture work well in open concept environments; providing a comfortable place for employees or guests to sit without distracting from the open sightlines.

Move Easily about the Work Space with Chairs on Wheels
Chairs designed for easy movement make it simple to get around the workspace. Models with casters along the bottom allow users to glide across the floor from one location to the next. Carpet casters are well suited for carpeted areas, while multi-flooring casters do well on both hard surfaces and carpets alike. Models with a center pivoting function allow the chair to pivot 360 degrees for easy access to items around the cubical or desk without having to get up to grab them. Armless chairs make it easy for users to reach easily around them to quickly grab the supplies they need without interruption. Office Chairs are some of the many Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals available from Staples this holiday season. 
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Ave Six Randal Bungee Cord Computer and Desk Office Chair, Fixed Arms, Red/Black (RND26-RD)
Item: 1609485 / Model : RND26-RD
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  • Color & Material: Available in red & black with a metal, plastic & faux leather construction
  • Dimension: 36"H x 23.75"W x 22.5"D
  • Type & Use: Is a chair for office use
131.89 $131.89