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Card Readers & Adapters

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Choose from a large selection of card readers and adapters to find the one that works best with your devices. A high-capacity card reader provides an easy way to transfer data and images from a memory card to your computer, tablet, or printer. Portable readers are also available.

Fast Data Transfer
These card readers can transfer data at speeds of up to 5 gigabytes per second. High-speed data transfer capability ensures you won't be sitting around waiting to access your files. You can complete tasks more quickly and be more productive overall.

The compact size of these card readers allow them to be carried in a bag or pocket easily. Having the card reader on hand when you need it is easy when you can simply carry it with you wherever you go. Card readers with protective covers and cases for easy transportation are also available.

Most of these card readers and adapters use an ordinary USB connection that comes standard on many devices to perform. Easy universal connectivity ensures you always the ability to move data as needed. Many of the readers are both Windows and Mac compatible. Some come with drivers pre-installed, while others are driver-free for ease of use.

Some of these card readers and adapters offer a number of ports in a variety of sizes to accommodate multiple flash memory card brands, sizes, and styles. Most card readers can read micro SD, SDHC, memory sticks, and more. Choosing a card reader that accepts multiple memory storage devices will enable you to access data without needing more than one reader.
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