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Rolodex Stand for Mobile Devices and Tablets (1866297)Rolodex Stand for Mobile Devices and Tablets (1866297)
Item #24433784
Model #1866297
  • Keep your gadgets within reach with this mobile device and tablet stand
  • Compatible with most tablets, smartphones, PDAs, and e-readers in either portrait or landscape view
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Billboard Universal Smartphone Tripod (BB140)Billboard Universal Smartphone Tripod (BB140)
In store only
Item #2761774
Model #BB140
  • Over two dozen leg joints with rubberized ring and foot grips
  • Retractable & detachable phone holder fits most cellphones width between 55mm - 85mm
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Staples Universal Mount (45005)Staples Universal Mount (45005)
Item #2566371
Model #45005
  • Staples universal dashboard/window phone mount is a stable mounting option for your smartphone
  • Adjustable arm and brackets securely hold your smartphone or other mobile device
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Belkin Windshield/dash Mount
In store only
Item #2244738
Model #F8M978BT
  • Adjustable mount compatible with 6" devices
  • Rotate and tilt capabilities for multiple viewing options
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Staples® Cell Phone Charging Station BlackStaples® Cell Phone Charging Station Black
Item #1571562
Model #45441-CC
  • 2 cutouts for clean and easy access to charging cable (not provided)
  • Black leather-like exterior, lined with a soft gray suede that emulates professionalism
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Belkin Cupholder Mount
In store only
Item #2256797
Model #F8J168BT
  • Mount smartphone in your car's cup holder
  • Rotates 360 degrees for portrait or landscape view
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Scosche® magicMOUNT vent2 Magnetic Mount For Mobile DevicesScosche® magicMOUNT vent2 Magnetic Mount For Mobile Devices
Item #1435384
Model #MAGVM2
  • The high powered neodymium magnets are 100% safe and will not damage your device.
  • Magnetic Mount
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Rain Design mStand Mobile Stand, BlackRain Design mStand Mobile Stand, Black
Item #IM14AQ104
Model #10065
  • Angled stand provides a comfortable view.
  • Cable outlet for easy management.
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Scosche® Magnetic Dash Mount for Smartphones/Tablets, Black (MAGDM2)
Item #2091713
Model #MAGDM2
  • Dash mount is great to safeguard your GPS device
  • Compatibility: iPhone, iPad mini, 8" tablets android (Galaxy S3/S4), pre paid flip phones, GPS and more
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Tripp Lite 2.5 Inch SATA Hard Drive to 3.5 Inch Drive Bay Mounting Kit
Item #IM18E2631
Model #P948-BRKT25
  • Easy transfer of data from 2.5 in. drive to your PC
  • Adds significant amount of data storage
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Car phone holders and phone docks are critical components that hold the phone in position on the windshield, dashboard, or vents. It helps reduces incidences where the driver operates the phone while holding it. It also reduces cases of phone drops by firmly holding it. Occupants in a car can also enjoy taking a photo or video using a mounted phone on the car's windshield. Car phone holders either use a suction cup or magnetic clip to mount on the car dashboard. You can browse through Staples to see a variety of car phone mounts and other accessories.

Types of car phone holders
There are two main types of car phone mounts, each differentiated by how they mount on the car dash, windshield, or vent. The suction cup mount makes use of suction to affix itself onto a position on the windshield. A magnetic mount uses a magnet slot and is suitable for the dash and vents. Both of these types of car phone holders have the same working function, and the difference is only on the way it mounts to the car interior. A car phone mount can also use adhesives or clips, but some of them can damage the windshield.

When selecting a phone holder, decide first on why you want to mount your phone. Some phone mounts have pivots that help turn the phone at different angles, allowing the driver to share a view with other occupants. Other holders come with charging ports, helping users charge their phones as they drive.

Fixing the phone on the car phone mount
For a phone to clip perfectly, there is a need to have a strong grip that doesn't shake or drop even when the car moves through bumpy stretches. Some of the mounts use a clamp that firmly grips the phone, while others use gravity and some alignments to put it in position. There is also a magnetic style mount that uses an attached magnet to snap the phone into position. For this to work, the phone needs to have a metallic piece to hold on to the magnet. The clamp style is the most used type.

Is it legal to use a car phone holder?
The use of a car phone dock is universally accepted. Most states have different penalties for using a phone while holding it in the hand as you drive. It's also dangerous, and one might suffer a fatal accident. The use of a car phone holder serves as a good solution to those who have to use the phone while driving.

Do magnetic car phone holders damage the phone?
The size of the magnet used for a car phone mount is too small to affect the circuits of a smartphone. Nonetheless, always verify the type of magnet holder to reduce cases of a badly fitted magnet.

Are universal car phone mounts as good as those from known brands?
Most of the universal phone holders work just fine. However, not all universal holders fit well on some phones hence the need to get a specific mount for your phone.

Docks & Mounts FAQs

You lead a busy life. That’s why at Staples we want to help you find the Docks & Mounts you’re looking for so you can get on with your day. We carry 88 Docks & Mount products, all starting at prices as low as $2.59. That means you have some options and products to compare, which is where our FAQs can help.

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