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Chromebooks combine lightweight physical designs with the fast and user-friendly Chrome OS, creating a practical and portable computing solution that's ideal for travelers, students or casual computer users. Staples carries a broad selection of these devices, including brands such as Acer, HP and ASUS, making it simple to find the best Chromebook to meet your home, educational or business computing needs.

Enjoy the Versatility Offered by a Google Chromebook
These products come with a complete selection of apps that handle tasks such as word processing, spreadsheet number crunching or presentation preparation, and the Chrome web store provides access to hundreds of additional software tools. Chrome OS has built-in anti-virus and security features, and automatic system updates ensure your device continues to provide the reliable performance you expect. It also uses a Google account to synchronize data with Google Drive cloud storage so that Chromebook users can access their data from almost any device with internet access.

Chromebooks Feature Powerful, Portable Hardware
Featuring Nvidia Tegra and Intel Celeron processors, these devices have the power to take on most computing tasks. Many models also feature LCD displays that provide plenty of work area and show streaming video at full HD resolution. Most of these products have 16 to 32GB of built-in flash or eMMC memory that provides space for the operating system and critical user data. Using memory-based storage for the OS reduces startup times. Hit the power button, and most Chromebooks are ready to use in less than ten seconds. Many models also have USB ports and card readers that can access data stored on thumb drives, external hard drives or CF and SD memory cards.

How Do You Connect a Chromebook to the Internet?
Most of these products have built-in Wi-Fi that makes it simple to connect with your data at home, in the office or your favorite coffee shop. Some models also have Ethernet ports that provided wired network connectivity. Select products use cell phone networks to make an internet connection. They can provide access when Wi-Fi is unavailable, but they do require a data plan from a cell phone provider.

What Multimedia Features Do Chromebooks Have?
In addition to HD displays, most of these products have built-in stereo speakers and headphone jacks that let users share music or listen privately. Most also have web cameras and microphones, so you can engage in video chat with friends or participate in online meetings with co-workers. A few models have a 360-degree screen hinge. Use them as a traditional laptop, as a touch-screen tablet or as a video display device in stand or tent mode. Many devices support Bluetooth, so users can connect wireless peripherals such as speakers, mice or headphones.

What Type of Batteries Do Chromebooks Use?
Almost all these products feature lightweight lithium-ion batteries. The combination of these long-lasting batteries and energy-saving hardware designs means that most Chromebooks will run for 10 or more hours on a single charge.

Chromebooks offer users powerful apps, flexible connectivity options and beautiful HD displays wrapped in a lightweight package. Explore the selection of Chrome OS devices available at Staples and find a portable computing solution that meets your needs.