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Provide employees with coats and jackets if they frequently perform tasks outside or handle goods in a chilly warehouse. Heat-resistant coats help protect workers who weld metal or use machinery that may burn exposed skin, while raincoats are ideal for employees who operate outdoor equipment.

Unisex Styles
Stock your supply room with versatile coats and jackets that can be worn by men or women. Select outerwear in a wide array of sizes, from slim-fitting pieces that flatter the frames of petite women to bulky coats that zip comfortably when worn by tall, brawny men. Considering choosing a bright, eye-catching color or lively pattern for your jackets so that you can easily identify workers.

Improve Employee Comfort
Show employees that you care about their needs by providing them with coats and jackets on chilly days. This lets employees keep their own attire clean as they work, and it helps eliminate worries about frostbite or soaked clothes on days when the weather is unpleasant. Keep several pairs of gloves on hand as well, so workers can keep their fingers warm as they work the drive-thru window or shovel snow.

Durable Design
Outfit your employees in coats and jackets without frequently replacing your company's collection of outerwear. Opt for pieces made from resilient materials, such as easy-to-clean PVC, or choose outerwear that is flame retardant. Some bomber jackets are encased in a sturdy waterproof shell, so raindrops roll right off of the wearer on a stormy day. Employees who prefer a softer material are likely to appreciate leather-lined jackets or luxurious coats with a cowhide exterior.

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Choose options Viking Bristol Bay 0.75 mm PVC Hooded Jacket (8125J-L)
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Choose options Viking Creekside Tri-zone Ladies All-Season Jacket Martini Green (880MG-L)
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Choose options Viking Torrent High-tech Polyester Waterproof Jacket Navy (828N-L)
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Choose options Viking Professional THOR Trilobal Ripstop Waterproof Breathable Jacket Black (3910JB-L)
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Choose options Anchor Brand® 30 in (L) Snaps Closure Visual Green Cotton Sateen Jackets
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Choose options Anchor Brand® 30 in (L) Orange 100% Cotton Premium Flame Retardant Jackets
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Add to cart KleenGuard* A20 Breathable Particle Protection Professional Jacket, Large, Blue, 15/Carton (23873)
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Choose options Viking Windigo Lightweight Waterproof Jacket Charcoal Slate Blue (910CSB-L)
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Choose options Viking Ultimate ArcticLite Jacket Black (408BK-L)
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Choose options Mutual Industries MiViz Lime ANSI Class 3 Bomber Jackets