Dell Disc Drives & Burners

DELL disc drives and burners consist of an array of user-friendly devices for playing and transferring movies, music, photos, and data files from and to CDs and DVDs. They offer a wide range of options that meet user needs for convenience, quality, and system compatibility. Dell DVD readers are available for both laptops and desktops, and come in external and internal form factors.

Internal Dell Disc Drives for Computers Consist of Drives and Bay Assemblies
CD-ROM optical readers from Dell fit specific desktops, laptops, and work stations comprising the Alienware™, Inspiron™, Latitude™, PowerEdge™, Power Vault™, Precision™, Vostro™, and XPS™ lines. The readers come as either media cartridges that fit into the existing drive slots of laptops and desktops or as entire front bay assemblies specifically for desktop models. All Dell DVD readers are compatible with SATA host bus interfaces and with IDE/ATAPI optical reader drive and tape backup drive interfaces.

Dell internal optical drives have full, high-quality read and write capability with CD and DVD RW and ROM versions. They both display and reproduce crystal-clear video and photo imaging, faithful audio output, and reliable archival and backup data, and support 8x, 16x, and 24x read speeds, depending on the disk.

External Dell Disc Drives Are Sleek and Portable
External optical readers from Dell are streamlined, lightweight devices that have a minimal peripheral profile and fit into just about any carrying case for read and write functionality. They also have high-end read and write capacity with the broad range of CD/DVD RW, ROM, RAM, and DL versions, and are compatible with most Dell desktop and laptop models. Most of the external Dell DVD readers come with pre-loaded CyberLink® Media Suite software, which includes multi-product video, audio, and photo editing tools, power burning and data-transfer capabilities, and other applications for personalizing and enhancing media. The external devices have 24x CD and 8x DVD read speeds and support rewrite and optical storage capacity with DVD-RAM disks.

Is it Easy to Install Dell Disc Drives?
External Dell optical drives are plug-and-play devices that connect to the USB 2.0 port of desktops, laptops, ultrabooks, and tablets and operate automatically on command as the computer is powered up. Internal Dell DVD readers are designed for user installation, whether for insertion as media cartridges or front bay assemblies with cables. Installation requires only a screwdriver, and the internal devices operate automatically without supporting software when the computer is powered back up.

How Fast Can External Dell Disc Drives Burn Music and Video?
Dell external burners have write speeds of 24x CD, 8x DVD+/-R, and 6x DVD+/-R DL (dual-layer). They also come with buffer underrun protection that automatically suspends the writing process to prevent dead space on the disk. They feature rewrite speeds of 24x CD, 6x DVD-RW, 8x DVD+RW, and 5x DVD-RAM. External Dell DVD readers also support several media-specific formats, including CD Extra, CD-DA (audio), CD-I, CD-ROM XA, CD Photo, CD Video, DVD Video, DVD Audio, CD Super Video, and CD Super Audio Hybrid Disc.

Do Dell Disc Drives Work With Any Operating System?
Dell disk drives and burners work with Windows® operating systems. They have an MTBF of 150,000 hours.
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