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Dell (400-AEFB) 1TB SAS 2-1/2" Hot Swappable Internal Hard Drive
Item #IM12W4320
Model #400-AEFB
  • Internal hard drive with 1TB capacity is suitable for PC
  • Interfaces/ports: SAS 6 Gbps, Transfer rate: 600 Mbps (external)
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Dell (400-AEFD) 1TB SATA 2 1/2" Internal Hard Drive
Item #IM12W4321
Model #400-AEFD
  • Internal hard drive with 1TB capacity is suitable for PC
  • Interfaces/ports: SATA 6 Gbps, Transfer rate: 600 Mbps (external)
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Dell™ 400-AJPC 1.2TB 12 Gbps SAS 2 1/2" Internal Hard Drive
Item #IM12W4406
Model #400-AJPC
  • Interface: 12 Gb/s SAS, Data transfer rate: 1.2 GB/s
  • Compatible bay: 2 1/2" (in 3 1/2" carrier) hot-swap
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Dell™ 400-AJSB 600GB SAS 2.5" Internal Hard Drive
Out of Stock
Item #IM12W4414
Model #400-AJSB
  • 600GB internal hard drive and is compatible with PowerEdge M1000e, R520, R820, M420, R715, T320, M610x, T630 servers, PowerVault MD3420, MD3620f
  • Interface/ports: SAS, transfer rate: 12 Gbps
Dell™ 400-ADYO 500GB SATA 3 1/2" Internal Hard Drive
Out of Stock
Item #IM12W4397
Model #400-ADYO
  • Storage capacity: 500GB
  • Drive interface: SATA, Data transfer rate: 600 Mbps
A Dell™ internal hard drive is an excellent way to improve the performance of your desktop or laptop computer, increase storage, or add a backup disk. It is easy to install on your own, and it's available at Staples® along with an array of other quality drives in various speeds, capacities, and sizes.

Choosing a Dell Internal Hard Drive Speed
The two factors for speed are revolutions per minute (RPMs), or how fast the spindle inside the drive moves, and the cache size. Higher RPMs read, write, and retrieve data from the drive faster. Average speeds include 5,400 RPM and 7,200 RPM. Enterprise drives use between 10,000 and 15,000 RPMs to handle more than 4GB of data and run performance-sensitive devices such as company servers or workstations operating CAD/CAM programs. Higher-speed discs consume more power than ones with lower RPMs.

The cache size, also known as the buffer, ranges from 8 to 128MB. It increases speed by holding the computer users accessed most recently. The cache also stores basic commands for the storage device.

Find the Right Dell Internal Hard Drive Capacity
Hard drives store all the files and settings on your device. Drives are available in sizes from 500GB to more than 4TB. A 500GB drive can store 160,000 high-resolution JPEG photos, 8,330 hours of digital music, 500 hours of standard videos such as home recordings, or 125 hours of high-definition movies. A 4TB drive holds more than 66,000 hours of digital music, more than 1,280,000 digital photos, 5,000 hours of digital video, or up to 1,000 high-quality 2-hour DVD movies. Instead of an upgrade for a larger backup when you run out of space, consider a hot-plug hard drive for a backup or second storage drive. You can unplug these without shutting down or rebooting the system.

Can You Trade Out or Connect Extra Dell Internal Hard Drives?
It's easy to switch or add a second internal hard drive. Just connect the drive to the motherboard with a serial advanced technology attachment (SATA) or a serial attached computer system interface (SAS) and slide it into the secure slot. For enterprise drives, use the SAS for less latency and higher transfer rates. Before opening the computer, back up all important files to an external storage device. Internal parts are fragile, and even a small bump can cause data loss.

Are Dell Internal Hard Drives Windows® or Mac® Compatible?
Most operating systems are compatible with Dell internal hard drives. If you are switching a drive with information on it between two different operating systems, back up the data before reformatting the hard drive. Some operating systems come with a bootable disc that will format the hard drive. Always read the instructions before making changes in the drives BIOS that could cause permanent changes to the hardware.

What Sizes of Dell Internal Hard Drives are Available?
These drives come in form factors of 2.5 and 3.5 inches. The 2.5-inch hard drives fit most laptops and the 3.5-inch ones work with most desktop computers.