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Desk accessories help keep a work space tidy, so the flow of the area functions efficiently without clutter. Office supplies, such as corner computer desks, drawer organizers, magazine holders and cell phone stands, encourage you to keep everything in its proper place. Staples has an extensive selection of office accessories, from brands like Rolodex and Officemate, to help maintain an orderly area.

Consider the Type of Desk Accessories for the Work Space
A letter tray can hold up to 300 sheets of paper, so it's easy to place schedules, forms, letters and loose documents in a designated area for simple retrieval. Colorful folders and file tabs can help arrange the paperwork in the tray. A magazine holder is an efficient organizer that keeps catalogs, binders and other reading material together in a neat and easily accessible area. A stylish set of bookends can hold several hardcover books for easy access when needed. Use a cell phone holder with a non-skid pad to keep the phone from slipping off your office desk. Many include an attached pencil cup to place writing tools and other office supplies.

Benefits of Desk Organizers
A neat and organized desk can help improve productivity. Arrange small office supplies that are rarely used in a drawer organizer, so there is more surface space available for work. A vertical letter tray will save space at a small workstation, and with the extra room, you can add additional accessories, like a business card holder or doodad cup.

Can Desk Organizers Help you Relax?
Balancing the workstation by placing things in a convenient organizer can help harmonize the area. However, adding a lot of unnecessary items on the desk may add additional clutter, so make sure everything serves a purpose. Keeping loose papers neatly arranged in a letter tray or folder can help eliminate the worrisome paper scatter that often develops during a busy work day.

Can you Stack and Combine Desk Organizers?
There are many ways to personalize the desk by combining organizers to use for different tasks. Depending on the style and brand, choose drawers, compartment boxes and large and small letter trays that fit together in many different combinations to accommodate your particular work area. A box with a drawer can stack under a letter tray, then forms can stay in the tray and little things, like receipts and tags, can go inside the drawer.

What are Some Uses for a Drawer Organizer?
Organizers have several compartments to store extra paper clips, ribbons and pencils. A teacher can use a drawer organizer to keep special treats to reward students for good behavior. A receptionist in a dentist's office may keep small toys and stickers inside a desk tray for times when a patient needs to smile. A veterinarian can keep different snacks hidden inside a drawer, so Fido and Sylvester can receive a tasty award after visiting the doctor. A drawer organizer in the breakroom can store packets of tea and flavored drink mixes to use at lunchtime.

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