Desk Pads

Whether you want to protect new desks in the workspace or cover old ones with nicks, scratches and other imperfections, desk pads are an easy solution. These mats also help with organization at schools, homes or offices and provide a soft, but flat writing surface. Staples carries pads for desks in many colors, sizes, materials and quantities to suit a variety of needs.

Choosing Desk Pads for Offices
Desk pads come in plastic, vinyl, leather and even textured linen materials. Protective covers are rectangular in shape and are available in sizes that range from 12 x 16 inches to 24 x 38 inches. Plastic, vinyl and PVC pads come in many colors including clear. Clear desk pads allow you to put items such as pictures, notes and similar articles underneath and have them remain visible. This also keeps them stay safe from ink marks and drink spills. Most transparent covers have an antiglare feature to improve visibility.

Leather options add a distinctive look to any office space. These are available in black and brown leathers with soft, side slots to store items such as notes and business cards, as well as rest your arms. Linen covers are decorative and provide limited protection. The smooth surfaces of most mats offer good alternatives to mouse pads.

Organizing Offices with Desk Pads
Several brands offer desk mats that double as organizers with 12-month calendars, notepads, compartments and pockets. Full-size desk calendars are a good choice for keeping track of appointments and other important dates, while still protecting furniture and providing a smooth, cushioned writing surface. They are ideal for home and school use as well.

Desk notepads are similar to calendars, but they're filled with unlined, white paper. Several brands offer pads with raised, curved sides made of plastic or wood to hold pens, pencils and other office supplies. Soft, raised sides offer pockets for holding important papers. Cushioned sides also make good elbow rests while working. If you do a lot of crafting at your desk, consider pads with horizontal and vertical rulers and protractors in both English and metric measurements.

Why Choose Heat-Resistant Desk Pads?
Many people drink hot coffee, tea and even cocoa at their desk. Heat-resistant mats won't warp or melt, and they are easy to clean. Some brands offer heat-resistant options that can sustain temperatures between 104 and 212 degrees Fahrenheit.

Are There Desk Pads with Special Prints?
While there are plenty of single-color pads for desks, there are also many specialized prints. Choose from professional sports teams, cartoons, movies, video games and other intricate designs to add a personal touch to any home or office. These pads use a rubber material and are thick and comfortable.

How Do You Secure Desk Pads to Surfaces?
To prevent slipping, consider anti-skid and self-sticking pads for desks. Anti-skid mats have micro-droplets that hold them securely to your desktop. You can easily remove and move these pads without leaving a residue on the desk's surface. These mats are easy to clean with a wet cloth.

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