Drainage & Leg Bags

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Rest assured during urinary drainage that the reinforced hangers with built-in, anti-kink drain tubes will not hinder flow. The comfort, convenience, and peace of mind of a quality, medical product helps prevent discomfort associated with bladder irrigation.

Safe and Secure Fit
Many drainage and leg bags feature adjustable clamps that secure firmly to sheets during urinary draining, and anti-reflux devices work to facilitate drainage and prevent vacuum action with a non-wettable air filter. Visualize the process to ensure the catheter is draining smoothly with anti-reflux devices incorporated into drainage and leg bags with clear valves. Choose latex-free options that provide a needle-less sample port that can be accessed with a luer lock syringe or a blunt cannula, while soft straps allow for comfortable positioning on the leg.

Cover and Clean
Conceal fluid from drainage and leg bags with latex drain bag covers in a variety of sizes. The non-woven material is easy to affix and features low-bed drain configurations. Keep the fluid concealed and the body sanitized with antibacterial wipes, available in convenient canisters, ideal for home or travel, and use skin-conditioning aloe and hypoallergenic antibacterial formulas to help to kill germs that may cause infection.

Convenient Constructions
Comfortably wear belly bag urinary collection devices 24 hours a day, as drainage bags fasten cozily and securely around a male or female's waist and feature a latex-free exterior. While anti-reflux valves prevent the reflux of urine flow, belly bags offer an easier and conventional draining option with a drain valve that is placed at the normal urethral position. Alleviate inconveniences, problems, and potential hazards when draining with advanced drainage and leg bags that are comfortable and compatible with the patient's lifestyle.

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