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From Shakespeare adaptations to dramatic novels, drama books let you educate and entertain. Plays and monologues provide fodder for acting, speech, and communication lessons. Waiting rooms stocked with books containing short stories and essays ease tensions for clients, patients, or students.

Enhance Oral Communication Abilities
From speech therapy to college debate courses, drama books offer interactive opportunities for enhancing oral communication skills. By forcing students from comfort zones, you can increase their abilities in public speaking, sounding out words, or delivering emotional context via speech. Let students pair up to perform parts of plays or skits and then provide feedback, or encourage individual children to read aloud from interesting texts to work out ticks in speech.

Keep Waiting Clients or Students Engaged
Stock college, high school, or elementary school offices with dramatic books to engage student interest in waiting rooms, foster a love of reading, and decrease risks of bad behavior. Professional waiting rooms can also benefit from a wide selection of reading material, so place some dramatic novels next to racks of magazines to interest a wide range of clients. Clients who become enthralled with a short story or novel may not even realize the doctor or accountant is running a bit behind, improving overall client satisfaction.

Foster Writing Skills
Dramatic books help teachers and parents foster writing skills in students of any age. Vocabulary and sentence construction skills are generally improved by regular reading, and skits and plays offer a way for parents, siblings, or class buddies to turn reading into an interactive game. Teachers can also ask students to respond to dramatic readings in writing by offering critiques or thoughts on themes.

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Item : 1217909 / Model : 9781481401241
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  • Author Name: Sarah Ockler
  • Publisher: Simon Pulse
  • Publishing Date: June 17, 2014
15.19 $15.19
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