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Water Faucet Filters

Tap water filters deliver clean, safe water by removing harmful contaminants that may result in poor health. They install easily on most faucets and require little to no maintenance. Filters come in different types, sizes, and colors to suit nearly any environment, and they work well with most types of sink faucets. Staples® carries a selection of faucet filters and major kitchen appliances for home, office, and school use.

Choosing Tap Water Filters
A tap water filter is a point-of-use filter. This type of filter is designed for cleaning individual sources of water, including kitchen sinks, bathroom sinks, or in showers. Typically, these sources are used primarily for drinking, cooking, and bathing or in human contact areas for increased safety. Point-of-use filters are easy to install and are cost-effective, which makes them ideal for use in small businesses and homes where healthy drinking options other than bottled water are needed. Tap water filters reduce the need to purchase bottled water, which saves money and decreases the number of plastics that end up in landfills.

Options for Tap Water Filters
There are many different types of faucet filters. Multistage filters have an extra filter layer to trap the smallest levels of sediment, which is good for homes and businesses that rely on well water. Single-layer filters remove only the largest contaminants; this is usually the adequate choice for city water. Some filters include indicators along the side to inform the user when it’s time to replace the interior filter. When new, the indicator typically appears green and turns to red or disappears when it’s time for a change. Screw-on designs attach to a faucet without the need for tools, making them easy to setup.

Consider a filter with multiple nozzles that switch from a fast flow for washing dishes to a soft or slow flow for filling glasses or bowls. Some flip up to stop the filter for washing dishes or other non-drinking needs. Choose from bright white filters to coordinate with kitchen appliances or opt for a chrome or silver-tone filter to match a kitchen faucet and sink.

What's the Different Between Tap Water Filters and Point-of-Entry Filters?
Tap water filters cover a small area, while point-of-entry filters provide filtration for entire households and businesses. Tap filters remove contaminants at a single faucet, while point-of-entry filters can remove bad odors that stem from bacteria in wells. They also serve as water softeners to address hard water that may stain tubs, sinks, and toilets. Point-of-entry filters are installed where the water comes into the home or business, while faucet filters are installed in a single location.

What's the Difference Between Filtered Drinking Water and Purified Water in Tap Water Filters?
Water filters remove specific chemicals and contaminants from water sources, while purified water comes from a purification method, including reverse osmosis, distillation, and ozone filters. Filtered water still contains healthy minerals, while purified water is demineralized.

How Long Do the Filters on a Tap Water Filter Last?
For optimal performance, change the interior filter in a standard tap water filter approximately every 40 gallons or every two months. Long-life filters last for about 120 gallons, which is around six months' usage.
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