Floor Mats for Protection

Use floor mats to protect your facility, equipment, and inventory, and to create a comfortable, safe, and attractive environment for your employees and guests. Nonskid floor mats help prevent falls. Anti-static mats help reduce the chance of damage to sensitive electronic equipment and parts.

Scraper Mats
Outdoor floor mats allow visitors to your business to conveniently scrape mud and dirt from their shoes before entering your business. This helps keep your business clean and attractive, and can reduce your cleaning expenses. Water-absorbing mats can also help create a safer environment by removing water from boots and shoes.

Indoor Mats
Carpeted indoor floor mats provide a comfortable, quiet walking surface while protecting your flooring. They are also ideal for smooth, potentially slick areas, providing traction on surfaces such as polished concrete or tile flooring. They also come in a variety of colors, patterns, and textures that can complement or enhance the look of your establishment.

Anti-Fatigue Mats
Anti-fatigue floor mats help reduce back, knee, and foot strain for your employees, which can reduce long-term standing related injuries. Also, they can help prevent slips and falls by providing firm, secure footing. Perforated mats allow water and other liquids to drain away, so they are ideal and highly recommended for wet work spaces such as restaurant kitchens and dishwashing areas, as well as food processing production lines.

Anti-Static Mats
In addition to providing safe, comfortable standing and walking surfaces, anti-static floor mats help reduce the buildup and discharge of static electricity in work or storage areas where sensitive electronic components are present. These floor mats are also available cushioned and textured, enhancing safety and reducing the chance of injury for your employees.

Guardian Mats Brush Tip Scraper Indoor and Outdoor Mat, Black, 18" x 28" (14020305)
Item #24355402
Model #14020305
  • Bristles scrape dirt and debris off of shoes
  • Dirt and water are held in reservoir
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Guardian Mats Pro Top Anti-Fatigue Mat, 24"L x 36"W, Black (44020335)
Item #2765674
Model #44020335
  • Anti-fatigue mat is a perfect solution for teller stations, service counters, and multipurpose work stations
  • Mat dimensions: 24"L x 36"W
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Guardian Golden Series Dual Rib Walk-Off Mat, 120" x 36", Charcaol
Item #518121
Model #64031030
  • Combines style and performance
  • Plush, solution-dyed nylon carpet for better absorption and colorfastness
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NoTrax Akro Sabre Decalon Fiber Entrance Mat 48" x 36", Charcoal
Item #234566
Model #130S0034CH
  • Charcoal rectangular mat with a tufted cut pile pattern gives a sophisticated look
  • Designed for use in areas including entrances, lobbies and passageways
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Guardian Floor Protection WaterGuard Indoor/Outdoor Mat, 36" x 24", Charcoal (WG020304)
Item #24415155
Model #WG020304
  • Indoor and outdoor mat offers stylish comfort and support at a great value
  • Dimensions: 36"L x 24"W
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Crown Tuff-Spun Foot-Lover Anti-Fatigue Mat, 36" x 27", Gray (CWNFJS736GY)
Item #407631
Model #CWNFJS736GY
  • Anti-fatigue mat provides maximum comfort when you stand on it
  • Dimensions: 36"L x 27"W
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Tire Tuff Royale Indoor Entrance Mat, 3' x 5', Indigo Blue (78-880-1506-3X5)
Item #725199
Model #78-880-1506-3X5
  • Tire tuff royale indoor entrance mat
  • 3' x 5'
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Brighton Professional Urinal Mat, 17.5"L x 20.5"W, Black, 6/Carton (BPR24767)
Item #71072
Model #BPR24767
  • Super-absorbent inner fibers catch drips and splashes
  • Fits under urinal
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Safco Anti-Fatigue Mat, 30" x 20", Black (2110BL)
Item #2442288
Model #2110BL
  • Anti-fatigue mat provides maximum comfort when you stand on it
  • Dimensions: 30"L x 20"W
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Ergotech Freedom Mat Anti-Fatigue, 36" x 24", Black (FDM-MAT-B)
Item #IM19J4114
Model #FDM-MAT-B
  • Ergonomic anti-fatigue floor mat reduces injuries while improving productivity and safety in the workplace
  • Dimensions: 24"W x 36"L
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