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Staples® Roll-On Permanent Glue Tape, 1/3" x 393", 2/Pack (14993)
Item #689269
Model #52084
  • Clean and odorless, suitable for all kinds of paper
  • Photo safe, acid free
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Super Glue 10' E-Z Fuse Tape, Black, (SGC1540812)
Item #1593767
Model #SGC1540812
  • For use on boat rigging, bundling wires, fittings and hose seal, plumbing repair, sport and tool handles, weatherproofing, water hose and pipe repair
  • Comes in new black color
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Scotch® Heavy Duty Fasteners, 1" x 3", Black, 1/PackScotch® Heavy Duty Fasteners, 1" x 3", Black, 1/Pack
Item #900595
Model #RFD7091
  • Great for moving or vibrating surfaces
  • Audible snap indicates closure
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ArtSkills® Tape Runner, 2/Pack (PA-1422)
In store only
Item #927944
Model #PA-1422
  • Tape runner to use with glitter
  • Tape runners are fast and convenient for scrapbooking, greeting cards, school projects and more
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Scotch Tape Glider Refill Rolls Box Of 2 Acid-Free Adhesive Transfer Tape 1/4 In. [Pack Of 3] (3PK-085-RAF)
Item #2133420
Model #98470-PK3
  • Made from 2mm, acid-free, acrylic adhesive
  • Tapes securely bond to a variety of materials
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Tape Logic 1" x 15' Strip Combo Pack, Black
Item #256322
Model #HLT184
  • Ideal for use on signs, posters and displays
  • Weather-resistant adhesive roll with simple press-on application for ease of use
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Tape Logic 1" x 1" Precut Square, Black
Item #256324
Model #HLT186
  • Weather resistant
  • Material: Rubber
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Tape Logic 1" x 15' Strip Combo Pack, WhiteTape Logic 1" x 15' Strip Combo Pack, White
Item #256323
Model #HLT185
  • Ideal for use on signs, posters and displays
  • Weather-resistant adhesive roll with simple press-on application for ease of use
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Glue Dots GlueGlider Ultra Thin Dot Tape Dispenser, .375" 300/Clear Dots (GD05029)
Out of Stock
Item #24366387
Model #GD05029
  • Adhesive Glue Dots
  • 300 (.375") round glue dots
Glue Arts GlueGlider Permanent Tape Dot Dispenser Refill Cartridge, .25" x 40' (GPP-00204)
Out of Stock
Item #24366407
Model #GPP-00204
  • Glue Tape Refill
  • Acid free and photo safe
Handmade greeting cards and paper crafts are thoughtful ways to deliver a personal touch to birthdays, company memos, and special events. Glue tape provides a permanent bond between a variety of paper mediums including cardboard, foam board, and poster board, which is ideal for crafting and display projects. The convenient holders are easy to grip and keep the adhesive fresh and simple to use. Staples® carries fasteners, glue, fuse tape, and a variety of other office supplies for home, office, and school use.

Considering the Uses for Glue Tape
Free from acid, tape runners work well when adhering photographs to albums and scrapbook pages. They are also ideal fasteners when centering photographs on mats inside frames to prevent the pictures from shifting when hung. Seal ungummed envelopes and large document folders with a line of this adhesive to eliminate moistening the edges.

Tape runners apply a continuous roll of adhesive over bumpy and uneven surfaces, which is ideal in crevices and other hard-to-reach places. Most of these adhesive products are odorless and clean, making them convenient to use in classrooms with younger children. The tape dries instantly, so there is no need to wait for the bond to cure before moving on to the next application. The roller offers a neat application that won’t spill or overflow during bonding, which makes it neat and easy to use.

Options for Glue Tape and Adhesives
Glue tape comes in a variety of choices for all types of adhesive needs. Velcro tape holds fabric without sewing. Double-stick fuse tape keeps wires, pipes, and other materials tight and comes in a black color to make the bond easier to see. Combination packs include multiple colors for greater versatility and included applicator boxes make it simple to store the items securely.

For crafts and school projects, opt for glitter adhesive rolls that adhere to glitter without the use of messy glue that can wrinkle paper and photographs. Choose refillable plastic applicators that save money and time, and consider multipacks to always ensure there is plenty of adhesive on hand for busy offices and classrooms.

Is Glue Tape Waterproof?
Rubberized hook-and-loop fasteners are weather-resistant for use in outdoor and moist conditions. Most fuse tape works as weatherproofing around windows, doors, and pipes to keep out water and moisture. When applying to paper, the bonding product provides a permanent seal that won’t move around, so it prevents water from getting in.

What Color Does Glue Tape Turn After Application?
Roller tape adhesive goes on clear to prevent color bleed on light-colored papers and pictures. Color the adhesive with markers or paint to make it blend in with existing mediums.

How Do You Use Glue Tape Adhesive?
Before applying to any medium, the surface should be clean and free from dirt and dust that can prevent the tape from adhering. Press the applicator gently onto the paper or photograph and then pull down. Continue pulling to release a line of glue. Lifting the roller from the paper breaks the connection.