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Safety and reflective tape provides clear markings that are visible others. Some options rely on light reflection to show up in the dark, while others work as markers to warn others of potential danger. There are many different widths, colors and reflective styles available, ensuring there is an option for most situations.

Use Barricade Tape for Safety
Barricade or barrier tape uses bold lettering and bright colors to warn others about potential dangers in an area. Caution tape is bright yellow with black lettering and sends the message that those who enter the area need to be alert. There is also danger tape, which is red with black lettering. Use this type of barricade tape to mark areas where there is a clear threat to the safety of anyone who enters, such as around heavy machinery, damage to the building, or falling rocks or other debris. Mark unsafe or private areas with do not enter tape to make sure that workers and visitors know to stay out for added protection.

Choosing the Right Tape for Safety
Safety tape is available in many different designs for simple floor markings throughout the warehouse. Use wide, yellow tape for forklift and pedestrian traffic lanes to keep workers safe and to comply with OSHA regulations. Red tapes clearly mark areas used for defective materials, scraps and red tag items in warehouses that follow 5S or lean methodologies. Striped black and yellow tape ensures workers know when they are entering areas that require caution. Red and white tapes mark areas that present a danger and should be kept clear. Black and white striped safety tape provides additional guidance for employees in operational areas. Orange, green, blue and black tapes provide guidance in material and manufacturing areas to make sure workers know where to put raw materials, unfinished projects and finished goods.

Which Reflective Tape Is the Right Option?
Reflective adhesive tape provides added safety for those who walk, run or ride in the dark. These tapes increase visibility due to the reflective materials embedded in them. These tapes are available in different colors and widths, ensuring there is an option for most users. Attach white or fluorescent colors to clothing, backpacks or bicycles for added visibility in low light conditions. Glow-in-the-dark reflective tape provides clear markings on the floor or walls during emergency situations and power outages, ensuring occupants can find the way to safety. There are also tapes with adhesives designed for use on pavement for marking outdoor areas, ensuring visitors can find driveways, walkways and other paths in the dark.

Consider Flagging and Underground Marking Tapes
There are non-adhesive tapes available for marking specific items and locations. Consider biodegradable flagging tape for keeping teams organized. These tapes are non-adhesive and tie easily around an arm, belt loop or other item. The bright colors ensure players and crew members can see who their teammates are with a quick glance. Marking tapes provide guidance for buried sewer, gas, water and other types of lines. Consider detectable options for marking areas where others are likely to dig to avoid costly repairs and potential danger. These tapes are designed for use underground, ensuring they remain noticeable after extended periods of soil and water exposure.

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