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Heart rate monitors are vital in everyday cardiovascular exercises. They provide the levels at which your body is performing. There are a variety of monitors from different manufacturers, each having different features but aiming at achieving the same goal. Whichever brand you prefer, it’s easy to find a heart rate monitor that suits most exercise needs. Browse the extensive sections of wearable technology on Staples to find the right monitor.

Let goals determine your heart rate monitor
Depending on exercise goals, choose from various gadgets. Casual runners and those eager to lose weight may prefer a simple, adaptable monitor. For the dedicated runner a device that has speed sensors, barometer, and stride sensors is a good choice. It provides comprehensive data during exercise. This information transfers easily to a computer, where users can conduct a more detailed analysis.

Get real-time data with a heart rate monitor
Most modern heart rate monitors are portable and often come as a watch, which provides time, date, stopwatch, and related functionality. The wearer also gets real-time information on how physical activity is affecting the heart rate. It can also provide information on the number of calories burned and energy used. This helps users decide when to reduce their efforts and when to increase them gradually.

Are there different sizes and colors?
With the advancement of science and technology, there has been an increased variety of sizes and colors for these appliances. The initial heart rate monitors were bigger devices that you needed to carry instead of wear. Most devices today are small and come in numerous fashion colors, in addition to basic black. Choose from a variety of stylish heart monitors to fit in with your on-trend exercise outfits. The choices available include monitors in various styles that allow users to remain fashionable and match their desired look, whether working out or in social situations.

Is a heart rate monitor compatible with a mobile phone or PC?
You can operate your mobile phone or another Wi-Fi or Bluetooth-enabled device in tandem with your heart rate monitor. With a mobile phone armband, you can carry the device as you go about your day and continue with monitoring the extent of your workouts. Some monitors connect easily through a plug-and-play wireless receiver into your mobile phone.

Can you record and refer later to past exercise sessions?
Keep track of the progress of your workout plan through a heart rate monitor. These gadgets can typically record your exercise sessions. This helps you note your progress in regard to different exercises over time. It also helps you remain focused and work toward achieving your health-related goals.

Can you get other products to support a heart rate monitor?
Staples offers other products that aid your exercising experience. These include armbands to hold your mobile phone and headphones or earbuds that ensure you pay attention to your information. The support accessories not only give you the power to monitor and appreciate your exercise routines but also offer added fun and convenience.
Pyle® Heart Rate Monitor Watch With Minimum, Calorie Counter, and Target Zones, Pink
Item #211663
  • Time/date, present heart rate, maximum heart rate
  • Average heart rate
2.5 out of 5 stars with 3 reviews
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Fitbit ChargeHR Heart Rate Activity Wristband, Small, Black (FB405BKSS)
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Fitbit ChargeHR Heart Rate Activity Wristband, Small, Black (FB405BKSS)
Item #1621282
Model #8122965
  • Wearable on the wrist, this tracker monitors physical activities and sleep patterns
  • Black wristband made of a flexible, durable elastomer material for longer use and also includes a surgical-grade stainless steel buckle
4.5 out of 5 stars with 101 reviews