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Middle School
Hands-On History Garth Sundem  1st Edition
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  • No. Of Pages: 192 Pages
  • ISBN -13: 978-1425803704
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"Civil Rights Headline Heroes Time Link"
Item #1582514
Model #NST1414
  • Time links provide brief discussion on sequencing of events, people and other important chronological or historical details
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Stock up on history books and reference books that teach kids and adults about American, European, and world history. Books from such publishers as Arcadia Publishing, History Press, and Cambridge University Press give you glimpses into other eras. Keep your favorite history books on hand for frequent reference.

American History
American history books feature a wide range of topics from the origins of American independence to historical incidents leading up to current events. Books on the Civil War, World War I, World War II, and the American Revolution provide a thorough background on these important wars in American history, while audio books focused on cultural events let you dive into stories about significant U.S. sports teams, individual biographies, and interesting cities across America while you're on the go.

World History
World history books cover ancient history, wars of the past few centuries, and the cultural contributions of different countries and civilizations around the globe. Hardcover books about world history make great coffee table books in the office, while paperbacks let you easily research details that can give your next lesson, presentation, novel, or paper more depth.

Kids Books
History books for kids present important information in a fun and exciting way. Keep a variety of children's history books, reference books, and social science books in your classroom or learning center library, so you can easily direct children toward extracurricular reading about topics they find interesting. Encourage kids to use fun facts and trivia they learn from history books in papers, projects, and class discussions, so they develop a love of history and reading that lasts a lifetime.