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Inventory Software

Inventory management software helps businesses improve their bottom line by streamlining product handling workflows from start to finish. Maintaining a well-organized inventory helps salespeople better serve customers on a busy sales floor while warehouse crews work more efficiently processing incoming and outgoing shipments. Staples carries several types of office and business software to suit the needs of companies large and small.

Maintain Top-Notch Business Performance with Inventory Software
Inventory management software is available on CD-ROMs or as downloadable packages that install in minutes, so businesses quickly start to see results. Users can import existing inventory data via .csv files created in Excel and other spreadsheet programs, saving employees valuable time and money. New products are entered by scanning bar codes or manually keying in product information and are easily organized by category for simple stock management across every department. For additional convenience, when a warehouse is low on stock, programs trigger a warning so managers can reorder popular products before supplies run out.

Cloud-Based Access Lets Businesses Track Stock from Anywhere
Companies with multiple warehouses and storefronts appreciate having access to real-time product data via cloud-based interfaces tied to a central inventory system. Whether a business runs just a few shops locally or has locations scattered throughout the country, the web interface allows users at every location to track stock and conduct inventory audits. Reports give users a quick look at stock at a single location or company-wide, so sales associates always know how much product is available.

Integrates with Accounting Software for Easy Invoicing and Payments
Many inventory software titles integrate with accounting programs like QuickBooks so bookkeepers can regularly monitor accounts receivable, payables and overall cash flow. When tax time rolls around, detailed financial reports help simplify the filing process. Secure user access and automatic backups ensure important financial data is never lost or compromised.

Do Businesses Really Need Electronic Inventory Management?
Companies that utilize a software-based inventory management program save many hours of labor required to count, sort and write down quantities by hand. Keeping an accurate computerized inventory means a retail store or shipping warehouse can focus on efficient and friendly customer service that ensures continued business and a positive rapport with the community.

Can you Send Vendors Purchase Orders from the Software?
Some programs support the creation of purchase orders that are e-mailed directly to a vendor for convenient restock management. Businesses also easily maintain a database of raw material suppliers and customers, so incoming supplies and outgoing orders are always accurately accounted for.

Does the Software Support Mobile Devices?
A range of Windows-based mobile computers support the software, along with many smartphones and tablet devices powered by iOS and Android operating systems. Tracking inventory via mobile devices helps freight handlers and warehouse crews stay on top of every shipment without needing to log into a desktop computer or sales terminal.

Which Desktop Operating Systems Support Inventory Software?
Most programs run primarily on PCs running the Windows operating system while select titles are designed to run in either PC or Mac environments to suit a range of business needs.
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Inventoria for Windows (1-User) [Download]
Item : 955170 / Model : BKKWY4SJ6HWG6TA
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  • Inventory software tracks goods and prepares related reports
  • Set functions to allow sales by weight or by unit for easy presentation
  • Intuitive interface gets you to work quickly
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Wasp® MobileAsset Standard Edition Software With HC1 And WPL305, 1-User, Windows
Item : IM1VQ9677 / Model : 633808927806
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  • MobileAsset standard edition software suitable for business applications
  • Suitable for single user
  • Supports Windows operating system for better performance
2426.49 $2,426.49