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Invitations for Any Occasion

Invitations are essential for asking friends and guests to attend events such as graduations, wedding anniversaries, and birthdays. They help people to find out where and when to show up. Invitation cards are either pre-printed or plain to fit customers of different tastes and preferences. They’re also available in different designs. Browse through stationery and invitations at Staples and choose those that you find appealing.

Invitations have unique designs
Cute envelopes and cards with pre-printed designs make it easy to announce and invite people to special events such as graduation parties and birthdays. They come in a range of colors and card stocks to make a lasting and perfect impression. Some cards have patterned paper or an attractive border for a celebratory touch. Invitations made of recycled material help maintain an eco-friendly event. Staples copy and print department can help in designing custom wedding and birthday invitations.

Printable cards and envelopes make it easy for one to add details about an event using a home or office inkjet printer or laser. The cards fit perfectly in square envelopes. Print information about the recipient directly on the envelope or write the address and name by hand. Some envelopes have a design that makes them easy to seal.

Selecting the best invitation cards for an event
The cards vary depending on the event and the kind of people in attendance. Choose a beautiful and affordable card to impress the guests. A simple card may appeal to guests of a graduation party or a baby shower. Consider the wording on the cards to ensure they are meaningful to the guests. The wording should be short and polite to make it easy to read. Research on the best wording to use for specific celebrations.

Are invitation kits available?
Yes. Various invitation cards have convenient kit options that have matching seals and envelopes. Invitation kits help in organizing the cards and envelopes. Different shapes and sizes of kits are available to fit large photo cards and RSVP cards. Bulk packs have over 1000 cards or envelopes so you can invite many people to an event. 

What are the benefits of using invitation cards?
Cards provide a better way to express yourself to friends and family members. Cards help relatives and friends to remember the time, place, and date of the function. When inviting people orally, you may forget some information. Using cards ensures all the information regarding the event is available to avoid inconvenience.

What are the basic elements of an invitation?
Include the date, place, and hour of the event in the card. Write the purpose of the celebration, such as whether it’s a lecture, dinner, reception, or luncheon. If the event has a specific dress code, ensure the instructions are crystal clear in the card. Include the directions to the location of the function. For RSVP cards, include attendance indicators and inquiry telephone numbers to be sure of the number of people attending the event. This helps to arrange limited seating positions and guarantee quality catering for those in attendance.

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