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LCOS Projectors

LCoS projectors let users show training and other presentations in high-definition. These options use reflective technology to create crisp text and sharp images, even when projecting from across the room. With options that are mountable to those that are small enough to take anywhere, Staples carries projectors to meet the needs of most businesses. 

How LCoS Projectors Work
LCoS, which stands for liquid crystal on silicon, is a reflective technology. These home theater projectors use liquid crystals that open and close to direct light to or block light from hitting a reflective substrate. In this way, the modulated light creates the image that displays on the screen. Most of these options have three chips for directing blue, red and green light channels, eliminating the spinning color wheel used in other types of technology. LCoS models also have reduced space between the pixels present on the chips, resulting in sharper images. This high-fill factor paired with smoother pixel edges results in images that have a natural appearance on the screen.

Choosing the Right Lumens for LCoS Projectors
The lumens rating of a projector explains how well it will perform in various lighting conditions. DLP projector bodels with 999 lumens or less work well in rooms that are completely dark during the viewing process. Options with 2000 to 3000 lumens produce crisp images in areas with large windows or lights that can't be adjusted. When choosing LCoS projectors for use in multiple locations, higher lumens ensure a clearly visible image in most lighting types. There are also options for pico projectors that come with over 3000 lumens, which are ideal for use in brightly lit areas but that may be too bright in darker spaces.

What Is Contrast Ratio on LCoS Projectors?
The contrast ratio describes the difference between the light and dark areas of an image on the screen. LCD projectors with lower contrast ratios ensure that images with fewer details are clear. Units with ratios that range from 20,000 to 50,000 produce sharp details in dark areas and crisp, vibrant colors in lighter ones for improved image quality.

Are There Advantages to LCoS Projectors?
Projectors with LCoS technology have fewer moving parts, minimizing the risk of mechanical failure during use. These options have chips that are dedicated to single colors, providing improved color saturation that doesn't produce a rainbow effect when you're viewing from different angles. These units have an average lamp life of up to 1,500 hours, providing ample lighting for most users throughout the year. 

What Type of Resolution Do LCoS Projectors Provide?
LCoS projectors provide high-resolution images that have sharp detail, along with text that is clear. Models with 720p resolutions work well with presentations with fewer details and text. Units with 1080p resolution provide vibrant colors and rich blacks, making sure small details stand out during films and moving presentations. The lack of space between pixels increases sharpness and minimizes ghosting and other artifacts on the screen.

Are LCoS Projectors Portable?
Many LCoS models have a form factor that makes them suitable for use in conference rooms, auditoriums and other large spaces. There are smaller, portable units that move easily from one location to another, though some of these may not provide the same lumens and resolution as their larger counterparts.
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AAXA HD 720P (1920x720) LED Pico Projector, White
Item : 2498063
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  • Tiny 2.3" Cube; 6oz
  • 1280x720 Native HD Resolution
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