Clasp & Catalog Envelopes

Letter envelopes are often the simplest and easiest solution for mailing or delivering papers and documents. However, larger clasp envelopes and other types of catalog envelopes are frequently used for documents that should not be folded or when mailing and delivering larger flat items. While choosing envelopes may seem trivial, using the right one for job can make a difference. Standard manila envelopes will work for many purposes, but there are a number of options available to consider before making a purchase.

A Variety of Sizes

A common size for clasp envelopes is 9 x 12 inches, which is perfect for fitting a standard 8.5 x 11 letter size sheet of paper without having to fold it. If a large stack of letter size papers need to be put in a single envelope, a larger 10 x 13 inch envelope will do the job. There are also 12 x 15.5 inch envelopes for sending legal size papers or other large flat items. Envelopes measuring 6 x 9 inches will easily fit standard letter size sheets that are folded in half. Padded envelopes are available in all sizes for mailing fragile items.

Colors and Security

Brown is the most common color associated with catalog envelopes and will do the job in many situations. There are, however, many other color varieties available. White, blue, black, yellow, orange, gray and even pink envelopes are available in most sizes. These can be used to help categorize different types of documents or simply to add some style and fun to the mail. Darker colored envelopes tend to be more difficult to see through, providing an added layer of security for sensitive documents and papers. Some envelopes feature additional security tinting for even more privacy. A number of sturdy envelope materials such as heavy grade paper and card stock are available to help protect papers and documents during the mailing process.

Many Ways to Seal

Metal clasps are frequently used to close large envelopes so that they can be reused multiple times. Button and string closures are also used for the same reason. Velcro closures are available for an even quicker way to open and close envelopes. These three types of envelopes work well for intra-office mail and other hand delivered items. For envelopes that are meant to only be used once or that need to be more secure, traditional adhesive glue flaps are used. These envelopes often have metal clasps as well for more secure sealing. For large mailings and deliveries, many envelopes feature peel and seal closures that eliminate the need for moisture. These are often labeled as Easy Close, Self Seal or Peel and Seal.

Large and Small Quantities

Because not all jobs require the same amount of envelopes, boxes of various quantities can be purchased. For specialty envelopes and those who only need the occasional larger envelope, quantities of 10, 25 and 50 are available. For large jobs or busy offices, bulk quantities of 100, 250 and even 500 offer good value. Staples carries a wide variety of envelopes and mailing supplies, including packing tape, bulk and warehouse options.