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Take care of simple legal issues and draft business contracts by downloading the right legal forms online. Finding the right legal documents on the internet is a cost-saving alternative for certain legal needs. You can simply fill out the right form and then file it at a courthouse yourself. Staples offers a wide selection of these specialty forms including rental applications from different online legal service providers.

Download the Right Digital Legal Forms
It is essential that you choose the right forms in order to produce legally binding documents. There are different types of forms for different legal issues. The most popular ones fall under these categories: business, personal, financial, and real estate. Choose an online legal form provider with a wide selection of ready-to-use legal documents. While most of such services tend to have extensive libraries of these forms, some only offer forms relating to certain areas of legal practice. When selecting a form for the legal issue you have, make sure it is the current one accepted in your state of residence. States usually have different versions of standard legal documents and keep them updated too.

Features to Look for Before You Download Legal Forms
Before you download medical forms or legal documents, make sure to read it over and ensure that it suits the purpose for which you need it. For high-quality forms, only consider reputable providers that charge for their documents. Unlike most free online sources, these are more likely to be established services that provide up-to-date forms created by experienced attorneys. Look for a provider that also offers professional legal advice. This may be a separate paid service but it will come in handy if you need help with filling and filing the forms you download. Reputable legal form services usually provide directories to help users find legal representation if they need it, guides to help them understand legal terms and appropriate instructions on how to file the forms they need. Additional help may come as email, telephone, and live chat supports.

What Are Interactive Legal Forms?
Interactive forms are tailor-made documents designed to meet the specific legal needs of each user. Rather than serve up standard documents filled with generic information, interactive form providers ask users relevant questions via online questionnaires to generate accurate and effective documents. The final legal documents are immediately available for viewing and download after users complete their questionnaires or interviews.

What Software Do You Need to View Downloaded Legal Forms?
You can view tax forms and legal documents sourced online with Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat Reader. These two popular software programs are found on most computers. You can also easily edit and digitally sign your forms when viewed with Word.

Can You Use the Same Digital Legal Forms Multiple Times?
Some receipts are only available for single use while you can reuse others as many times as you like. Single-use documents are usually customized forms containing information specific to users' current legal needs. Some providers provide multi-use forms but lock them down to single users. Others allow lawyers to reuse these forms as long as they only do so for their clients.
Adams Power of Attorney, 1-User, Instant Web Downloaded Form
Item #SS4761436
  • Requires valid e-mail address for electronic fulfillment. Email containing link will be sent shortly after purchase.
  • Easy-to-follow questionnaire
Multiple options
As low as  $9.99
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Adams Personal Property Rental Agreement; 1-User, Web Downloaded (DLF555-SL)
Item #1679565
Model #DLF555-SL
  • May be customized to include a description of the rental property, the terms for payment and the duration of the agreement
  • Requires the signatures of the owner, the renter and a witness
Delivered Electronically
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Quitclaim Deed for an Unmarried Person; 1 user, Web Downloaded (DLF399-SL)
Item #1679615
Model #DLF399-SL
  • Useful for gifting property or transferring ownership to another individual or trust
  • Establishes any cost for said transfer, the signatures of all parties and witnesses and notarization
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Living Will and Health Care Power of Attorney - South Dakota; 1 user, Web Downloaded
Item #1679810
Model #DLF983-SL
  • Power of Attorney assures end-of-life decisions are trusted to the person (agent) you appoint, not a judge or others chosen by the laws of your state
  • Living Will makes your wishes clear to your agent and others when you are no longer able to participate in your medical decisions
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Adams Codicil for Will; 1-User, Web Downloaded
Item #1679768
Model #DLF406-SL
  • Provides a customized description of the addition or modification and affirms that all other tenets of the Will are unchanged
  • Requires your signature in the presence of three witnesses
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Adams Promissory Note; 1-User, Web Downloaded (DLF405-SL)
Item #1679618
Model #DLF405-SL
  • Select equal monthly principal and interest payments, smaller payments with a balloon, interest only payments with a balloon, or a single repayment
  • Provides contingencies for default, collection costs, or death of the borrower
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Adams [Florida] Quitclaim Deed, 1 user, Instant Web Downloaded Form
Item #2792406
Model #DLF3080-SL
  • Requires valid email address for electronic fulfillment. Email containing link will be sent shortly after purchase.
  • Easy to follow questionnaire
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Adams Residential Lease; 1-User, Web Downloaded (DLF548-SL)
Item #1679605
Model #DLF548-SL
  • Establishes terms including monthly rental fee, late and dishonored check fees, and responsibilities of tenant and owner
  • Provides radon gas and lead paint disclosures required by law
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Adams Child Guardianship Consent Form; 1-User, Web Downloaded
Item #1679771
Model #DLF443-SL
  • Q&A helps parents specify the powers appointed to the guardian
  • Provides signature lines for parents of the child and the appointed guardian
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Notice to Terminate Tenancy; 1 user, Web Downloaded (DLF546-SL)
Item #1679571
Model #DLF546-SL
  • Appropriate for those ending a lease under normal, agreed upon terms of tenancy
  • Not valid for use as a notice of early termination of a lease
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