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Penetrants feature advanced chemical formulas that allow them to quickly and safely lubricate sensitive electronics. This helps keep key components clean and functioning at peak efficiency, making penetrants essential for many modern tasks.

Dries Sensitive Electronics
Penetrants displace moisture to dry electrical components and restore conductivity. Liquids, including humidity from the air, can build up on surfaces and cause resistance between electrical parts. Penetrants force away this moisture and restore electronic components to their prime.

Frees Stuck Components
Advanced penetrants are especially useful for freeing stuck bolts and other mechanical components as well as cleaning electronics. Buildup of rust and other corrosion can lead to stuck parts that do not operate smoothly or that seize entirely, causing crucial systems to stop working at inopportune times. To help prevent recurrence of this problem, try applying high-quality anti-seize compounds after freeing the stuck component with a penetrant.

Helps Prevent Shorts
Many penetrants remove contaminants and liquids that may cause electricity to arc within a system. Arcing electricity short-circuits connections and can lead to the incorrect flow of data as well as the potential for overheating, fires or long-term component damage. A powerful penetrant can dramatically reduce this threat to sensitive electronic equipment and help protect against related issues arising in the future.

Removes Dust and Debris
Modern penetrants also blow away dust and debris, which can build up over time. These unwanted elements can cause sluggish performance and physically wear down electrical connectors, eventually requiring replacement of potentially costly parts to restore devices. Aerosol penetrants are especially effective at removing physical debris from electrical components as well as forcing out moisture with a powerful chemical formula.

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