Lunch Totes & Water Bottles

Lunch totes and water bottles give you the ability to avoid the lunch rush at the local deli by packing along your favorite treats for lunch. Insulation ensures that hot foods remain warm by lunch time or cold drinks stay cold. These tools make it easy to enjoy healthy meals throughout the day and fit conveniently in a backpack.

Pack Along a Drink
Many modern bottles feature advanced thermal insulation that allows them to hold more than water. Pack along your favorite brewed tea or coffee for a quick pick me up on a long day. Keeping your own water bottle handy also allows you to easily refill without needing to use paper cups from work.

Be Prepared
Bringing your own lunch and drink to work ensures that you are prepared if you have to work or attend to personal events during your lunch break. By keeping your own food handy, you can avoid the walk or drive to the local fast food joint and choose healthier options. If you regularly carry larger items, or want to keep your study or work tools handy, pick up high-quality book bags and backpacks.

Keep Food Fresh
Modern lunch totes and water bottles are designed to seal out air to help keep food fresh longer. Vacuum seals can lock in freshness until you are ready to enjoy lunch or an afternoon snack, and larger lunch totes let you bring enough to share with your regular lunch companions.

Stylish Designs
Lunch totes and water bottles often sport stylish designs. Simple bottles and bags may be very efficient at keeping foods at the right temperature, but designer bottles make a statement about your personality. The wide selection of designs and simple colors available makes it easy to find just the right tote and bottle for your needs.