Equipment for Material Handling

Material handling tools are essential for jobs that involve regularly lifting and moving heavy objects. Jacks and hoists allow workers to lift out engines or pick up machinery, and heavy-duty carts and trucks let them roll these weighty items between locations as needed.

Quickly Move Loads
Material handling carts and dollies simplify the process of moving items between locations. Simply load up one or more heavy objects on the cart or dolly, and then wheel it to its destination. These heavy-duty tools can reduce the number of workers needed for each job and the time it takes to get materials where they need to be for the next step in the manufacturing or repair process.

Lift Heavy Objects
Modern material handling options can help lift exceptionally heavy items. Hoists and jacks can lift automobiles or auto parts as well as heavy machines and components such as steel plates, letting you turn them and replace them or work on the parts outside of their containers. When manually lifting heavy objects, remember to use proper back and waist supports.

Create Bundles of Items
Material handling items also include the tools used to secure objects and create bundles on pallets or carts. Ropes and straps allow workers to tie down bundles of items so that they don't become loose during transit. Bungee cords and slings provide stretchable and adjustable alternatives to help ensure a safe and secure fit.

Enhance Mobility
Many material handling options can further enhance the mobility of your existing tools and equipment, increasing their versatility. Attach casters to totes and containers to turn them into wheeled carts capable of rolling where you need them.