Equipment for Material Handling

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Material handling tools are essential for any business that needs to transport items of various sizes, shapes and weights. Whether you need to move furniture, supplies or equipment around the office or warehouse, having the right equipment for material handling can make a big difference in how quickly and safely you get the job done. We carry a wide variety of top brands so you can trust that your material handling equipment will be up to task - no matter what it is. With our selection of options available online or in store at Staples, you're sure to find exactly what you need for efficient material handling in your facility!

The right tool for the job

At Staples, we have a wide selection of material handling tools that can help you quickly and efficiently move items from one place to another. From manual hand trucks and trolleys to tilt trucks, our selection has something for every situation. Moving tables can be a chore for one person and that is where folding table dollies come in handy. These dollies allow you to move multiple tables laying flat or standing on edge.

Choose the best option

When selecting material handling tools, it's important to consider your specific needs and select an appropriate tool for the job at hand. Think about what type of load you'll be moving, how far it will need to travel as well as any other safety or convenience factors that might come into play. Specialty hand trucks can be converted to carry stacks of boxes or laid flat to transport larger materials. Some hand trucks are even designed to make taking them up and down stairs easier. For bigger and heavier jobs a pallet truck might be needed to get materials off of shipping trucks or around a warehouse. Lighter jobs can make use of a rolling utility cart which allows you to move papers or materials with ease.