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A medical stool is a convenient seating option for healthcare professionals while attending to patients. It's a more versatile alternative to office chairs and allows doctors to move around the exam room with ease. There are different types of such stools, ranging from basic backless models to fully adjustable units that can replace task chairs. Staples® carries a wide selection of exam stools from a number of leading office furniture brands.

Pick the Right Medical Stools for the Practice
Most exam stools have caster wheels to make it easy for users to maneuver during medical examinations. For stability and smooth mobility, find a unit with a five-point base and double-wheel casters. The backless stool with a round seat is a popular design for medical offices. It's ideal for quick examinations and stows under desks to save space. Stools with seat backs are better for extended medical examinations. With these, caregivers can lean back in comfort while listening to patients or administering treatments. There are also exam room stools with armrests to support doctors' forearms. For utmost convenience, pick a unit with adjustable arms. Some stools have swivel arms that users can push out of the way when an armless configuration is preferable.

Consider Comfort and Ergonomics When Choosing Medical Stools
Seat height is one the first features to consider when shopping for exam room stools, so be sure to note the height range offered by the model selected. Most have a pneumatic seat height adjustment controlled by levers. Some have these levers underneath their seats for quick access while others have foot-actuated pedals that ensure doctors do not dirty their hands in the middle of medical examinations and treatments. Exam stools have a number of features to make users comfortable, including padded and adjustable seats, backs, and armrests.

An optional but convenient feature to look for in an exam room stool is a footrest. This offers a suitable perch for your feet, promotes blood circulation, and helps leg muscles relax. It also keeps feet from dangling with the seat fully raised. While most medical office stools have round seats, a few options have saddle and countered seats. Saddle stools promote ergonomic seating by encouraging users to sit up straight. It reduces fatigue during extended sitting sessions by keeping the spine in its natural curved shape.

Do All Medical Stools Have Antimicrobial Vinyl?
No. Antimicrobial vinyl is a popular upholstery material for healthcare furniture. It lowers the risk of cross-contamination in healthcare facilities by preventing the spread of germs. Other common upholstery options for exam stools are fabric, polyurethane, and faux leather. These are also easy to disinfect and wipe clean.

What Is the Weight Capacity of a Medical Stool?
This is the maximum weight the furniture can safely bear. Most exam stools have weight capacities between 250 and 300 pounds. There are sturdier options that can accommodate users weighing 350 pounds and higher.

Are There Medical Stools With Glides?
Yes. Stools with glides attached to their feet do not move around like caster-wheeled models. They are gentler on flooring materials and may be preferable for certain applications. A stationary glide-equipped exam stool can help keep doctor's hands steady during delicate examination and treatment procedures.

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