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Memorex Blank Media

Blank media discs let you record movies and videos from your computer or laptop DVD burner. Memorex™ DVD-R discs come with different capacities, ensuring you have enough space for a full-length movie or copying family videos. Staples® carries a range of DVD-R and CD-R options that meet the needs of most users.

How a Memorex DVD-R Works
DVD-R discs let you record media once, then it becomes read only. This protects the data on the disc and prevents others from recording over it. Each disc features several layers that assist in the recording and playback functions. A polycarbonate substrate makes up the first layer and includes a spiral groove that starts at the inside and runs outward to the edge. DVD-R discs also have land pre-pits inside the coils of the grooves, which contain sector address information. These pits help modulate the position of data in relation to the groove so that players can access it properly.

The information written to a disc resides in an organic dye recording layer that reflects or absorbs the light from the laser. These reflections, paired with the land pre-pits, let compatible devices read the information. The final layer is silver alloy, gold, or silver that reflects the information back to the laser in digital representations of the data so that it appears on the screen when viewing.

Understanding Memorex DVD-R Speeds
Most DVD-R discs write data at either 8X or 16X speeds. Discs with 8X speeds transfer up to 10.57 Mbps, which is suitable for recording shorter movies and smaller databases. A 16X disc transfers information at 21.13 Mbps, speeding up the writing processes for faster data recording. The correct write speed depends on your burner capabilities. Discs with faster transfer rates work in devices designed for slower speeds. However, using these discs won't increase the write speed of the burner.

Do Memorex DVD-R Discs Work With all Types of Playback Technologies?
Traditional DVD-R discs play in most computers and players. Choosing specialized BD-R discs let you record high-definition video for playback in Blu-ray™ devices. You can play DVD-R discs in Blu-ray machines, though the contents won't appear in full HD quality. Choosing discs that meet the player and burner specifications improve playback quality.

Can You Record Music on Memorex DVD-R Discs?
These discs support music recording, but the contents are readable only by a DVD player. Memorex CD-R discs let you record music and play in most CD players. This lets you create personalized playlists for commuting, while at work, and as gifts. CD-R discs also record at up to 52X speeds, providing quick writing rates for fast turnaround times.

How Much Information Can Memorex DVD-R Discs Hold?
Single-sided DVD-R discs hold up to 4.7GB of information or 120 minutes of recording. Discs with DL designation let users record on both sides. These options record up to 240 minutes of video or 8.5GB. Most CD-R options hold 700MB or 80 minutes of music. Choosing discs based on the length of the media protects against wasted space and helps maximize budgets.
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Memorex 4.7GB DVD-R, 100/Pack
Item : 618937
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  • DVD-R media format
  • 4.7 GB per disc storage capacity
  • Holds 7 times more data than CD-R
Memorex 4725 700MB Printable CD-R, Spindle, 30/Pack
Item : 561572
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  • Storage capacity: 700MB
  • Superfast recording rates up to 52x speed through even high-volume burn sessions
  • 80 minute recording time
Memorex 700MB High Speed CD-RW, Spindle, 50/Pack
Item : 730480
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  • Compatible with computer CD rewriters
  • 50/pack
  • 50/Pack spindle
Memorex Inkjet Printable DVD-R, 4.7GB, 1/Pk
Item : 835973
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  • Disk type: DVD-R
  • Capacity (video) : 60.0 min
  • Recordable format: "Write once"