About this product

Bring your desk on the go with this adjustable, foldable laptop stand. This stand is perfect both on and off of a desk. The fold out legs create and instant desk wherever you go while the adjustable top will help you find the perfect angle to suit all of your needs. The large table can accommodate large laptops with room for a mouse and mouse pad. This stand is perfect for those days your need to work from home and the stand also doubles as a table where you can take your lunch break.

  • Stand is lightweight, easily portable and easy to store when not in use
  • Perfect for homes, office settings and on the go
  • Adjustable height allows you to create a table anywhere
  • Adjustable table top allows you to make the stand fit all of your device needs
  • Can double as a table to sketch, eat, read, write, etc.
  • Large flat top allows you to fit a large laptop and mouse and sturdy construction will hold the weight of all of your items