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Whether you wish to learn how to play a particular piece or discover the history of your favorite genre of music, these music books fill all of your desires. These music books come in many formats, including audio and hardcover.

Conducive to Learning
There are numerous guides and "how-to" books available in this collection of music books. Learn the basics of how to play an instrument or refine your skills to become a star. Within these books are helpful hints and instructions that show you what you want to know.

Many people are constantly on the go and lack the time to read a hard copy of a book. With audio books that come in the form of CDs, cassettes, and MP3 downloads, anyone can find time for a music book. Listen to a fascinating book while you work out, drive your car, or even shop at the grocery store.

Vast Array of Formats
Whether you enjoy reading the classic hardcover books, sifting through the crisp paperback books, or listening to audio books while out and about, you can find a book that suits your fancy in this collection. Some music books come in multiple formats, allowing you to stay on track wherever you go. Find durable reference books that you can turn to for years of music education or a lightweight paperback format that can rest in a music stand during rehearsals and performances.

From Artist to Instrument
Whether you are fascinated by the background of your favorite musician, or you want to know how a certain instrument came into existence, you can quench your thirst for knowledge with these music books. In addition to books with music for instrumental and vocal performances, you will find books on musicians, instruments, music genres, and many more fascinating subjects.

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