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Nintendo 2DS consoles provide portable gaming fun and have a kid-friendly design that makes them an excellent choice for younger gamers. Play games that feature classic Nintendo characters or use the system's built-in web browser to keep up with gaming news. There are hundreds of titles from many genres available for this console, so almost any player will find a game they enjoy. Staples carries a broad range of 2DS products, including Nintendo 2DS bundles that include a game cartridge.

A Comfortable Gaming Experience
The 2DS uses the same button and joystick layout as most handheld consoles and game controllers, so gamers can start playing as soon as they pick up the device. The console's thin wedge shape makes it easy to hold, even for kids with smaller hands. It's also very light, just 9 ounces so that long game sessions won't cause fatigue.

When you play games on the 2DS, you'll see them in beautiful color on the systems two LCD screens. The lower display includes touch capabilities. Use the included stylus to draw, press buttons or issue commands. The 2DS has an SD card reader that offers convenient storage for saved games or custom Miis. It also has a built-in speaker, and a headphone jack lets users play games without disturbing others.

Enjoy Exclusive Gaming on Nintendo 2DS Consoles
Unique franchise titles on the 2DS let players revisit familiar settings and renew their friendships with popular Nintendo characters such as Yoshi, Princess Peach, Link and Pikachu. Challenge friends to a multiplayer race in Mario Kart or explore the peaceful village of Animal Crossing. Collect and train Pokemon in Rumble World or go retro and explore classic Pokemon Gameboy titles remastered for the 2DS console.

Titles for Almost Any Gamer
Games for the 2DS cover a broad range of genres, including sports, adventure, role-playing, puzzle and simulation titles. E-rated games are suitable for players of all ages, while E-10, Teen and Mature products offer older gamers age-appropriate challenges. Load games using a familiar cartridge format or download them as well as demos and DLC from the Nintendo eShop using the system's built-in wireless connection. This console is also compatible with other game systems. It plays any 3DS title as well as many older Nintendo DS titles.

Additional Entertainment Options
Use the 2DS console for more than just games. Take 2D and 3D photos with the system's two cameras, stream movies from Netflix or Hulu, listen to music or record and play sounds. The included Mii Maker software lets players create personal avatars they can use in games or trade in the Miiverse. The 2DS also works with Nintendo's unique StreetPass system, which automatically exchanges tags with people you pass in the street or trades game data at Nintendo Zone locations. Of course, built-in controls let parents decide the kinds of interactions that are available to their kids.

The 2DS is a portable console for players of all ages. It has a broad selection of titles that appeal to casual or hardcore gamers and applications that provide additional entertainment options. Shop the Nintendo 2DS bundles available at Staples and take gaming fun with you wherever you go.

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