Nintendo 3DS XL

On-the-go gaming options make it easy to pass the time and engage your mind regardless of where you are. The Nintendo 3DS XL combines in-demand features with clear graphics, a wide variety of games and internet access to make it the go-to option for gamers everywhere.

Larger Screens and High-Quality Camera Improve Gameplay
One of the primary benefits of the 3DS XL is its upgraded screen dimensions. Both the touchscreen and the display screen are larger than previous models. The display screen is 4.88 inches diagonally, and the touchscreen is 4.18 inches diagonally. The device has a built-in face tracking feature that adjusts the on-screen image to match the user's viewing angle. The console camera offers clear, bright lowlight pictures, and it is easy to access from any program or game. With the 3DS XL, users can take 3-D photos and videos.

Gaming Controls Create an Immersive Experience
The layout and gaming controls of the Nintendo 3DS XL make it easy for users to get fully engaged in a game. Several additional control options let users move in different ways, personalizing the game play experience. This model has a C-stick for maneuvering in addition to more left and right trigger buttons. This feature is especially beneficial for games made exclusively for the 3DS XL. However, this device is still backward compatible with all 3DS games. Most DS and DSi games work on the 3DS XL. Exclusive game titles make full use of the touchscreen, gaming controls and camera features. An included stylus accommodates precise movements.

Choose from Many Entertainment Options
Although there are many Nintendo 3DS XL games available for all ages and gaming styles, there are many other ways to entertain yourself with this console. Consider challenging friends in online play mode, a feature available in many games. Users can catch up on social media and blogs with the built-in internet browser, which accommodates multiple tabs. Included programs let gamers create and play with Mii characters, change themes to personalize the 3DS XL, record sounds and keep track of gameplay via an activity log. The activity log also tracks physical movement for fitness games. With additional program options, users can watch movies and TV shows. The digital games store offers a convenient way to get games any time.

Upgraded Features Maximize Nintendo 3DS XL Functionality
Many of the features included on the 3DS XL are meant to make the device intuitive and easy to use. Players can wirelessly transfer photos, music and other files to computers on the same Wi-Fi network. The upgraded CPU performance lets games run faster and smoother. The device includes an installed 4GB microSDHC card, which holds games, pictures and sound files. The Nintendo 3DS XL has optional parental controls that parents can use to turn off 3-D functionality and limit access to certain games. These controls can turn off shopping services, the internet browser and wireless transfers.

The Nintendo 3DS XL is a complete entertainment solution for players of various ages and gaming preferences. Check out 3DS XL bundles available at Staples.