Nintendo 3DS

The Nintendo 3DS has revolutionized on-the-go gaming enjoyed by millions of people around the world. With an extensive library of games, built in Wi-Fi support and weighing a lightweight 12 ounces, these portable consoles are ideal for entertainment at home and on the road. Staples carries a variety of Nintendo 3DS devices, games and accessories that make fantastic gifts for loved ones, colleagues or as a present to yourself.

The non Nintendo 3DS Features Improved Controls and Visuals
Compared to previous generations the 3DS features a faster processor, improved Wi-Fi capabilities, additional control buttons and a face-tracking 3D-enabled screen that creates a speedier and more immersive gaming experience. The built-in NFC reader allows for more streamlined scanning of amiibo figurines and cards that unlock bonus features, special characters and items in select games. The Nintendo 3DS is backward-compatible with older titles and most DS and DSi games as well. The 3D function can be turned off anytime for safe 2D use with young children and those with sensitive vision.

Portable Gaming and so Much More
Along with highly-interactive gaming, the 3DS is made for entertainment. Nintendo's online game store offers a vast selection of playable demos and full-featured games, plus free downloads of applications and video players that let viewers connect to streaming video services for small-screen enjoyment of movies, TV shows and comedy shorts the whole family can watch. The built-in web browser allows users to visit favorite sites, follow social media and read the news. Take pictures of everyday objects with the 3D camera or record videos and sounds that can be edited and shared with friends. With plenty of internal storage and memory card support, it's easy to preserve and backup important game and media data.

Nintendo 3DS Games for all Ages and Skill Levels
Staples carries a generous selection of popular games players of all ages can enjoy. Role-playing games include enchanting storylines, vivid graphics and turn-based combat that lets players build up powerful teams of characters. Avid travelers may appreciate puzzle games that engage the mind and can improve concentration. Kids and teens love monster-catching games that let them collect and train a variety of evolving creatures. A fun diversion during a slow work day or at the beach, simulation titles immerse players in a world of talking animals with community-building activities where your customized character becomes the star everyone looks up to.

Accessories to Protect and Enhance Your Console
Protect a 3DS console with clear or colorful cases that help to reduce wear and tear. Travel chargers and cables ensure battery power isn't depleted during a long road trip. An extra stylus or two is a smart investment in case one goes missing, and game card cases allow for safe transport of multiple games at once. Screen protectors keep displays free of scuffs, fingerprints and dirt and can reduce eye strain and distracting glare while gaming. Carrying case bundles are available that combine a selection of the most essential accessories in one convenient purchase.