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GameFitz Gaming Controller for PlayStation 3, RedGameFitz Gaming Controller for PlayStation 3, Red
Item #1833146
Model #93592105M
  • Gaming controller
  • Compatible to use with PlayStation 3
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Thrustmaster® 2960703 T.Flight Hotas X Gaming Joystick for PlayStation 3, USB, BlackThrustmaster® 2960703 T.Flight Hotas X Gaming Joystick for PlayStation 3, USB, Black
Out of Stock
Item #IM1V46256
Model #2960703
  • Gaming joystick is perfect for playstation 3, PC
  • Buttons and controls: 12 x programmable button and 5 axles are entirely programmable
Thrustmaster® 4060052 Red Legend Edition Ferrari Racing Wheel For PlayStation 3, Red/BlackThrustmaster® 4060052 Red Legend Edition Ferrari Racing Wheel For PlayStation 3, Red/Black
Out of Stock
Item #IM1RG8021
Model #4060052
  • Red/white
  • Compatibility: PC, PlayStation 3
Thrustmaster T3PA Gaming Pedal
Out of Stock
Item #IM1XR5210
Model #4060056
  • Buttons and controls: 3 x pedal
  • Platform supported: Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PC
Liven up the game playing experience with a wide array of PS3 accessories. Choose from controllers, headsets, glasses, and cables to create an immersive adventure no matter what type of games you like to play. Staples carries a wide array of accessories that connect to the console, allowing for more control and precision, making you part of the action.

PS3 Controllers Improve Precision
PlayStation 3 controllers have built-in features that enhance gameplay. SIXAXIS motion technology uses the player's natural movements to guide characters within the game. Sensors pick up on pulling, thrusting, angling and tilting, incorporating them in real-time. With vibration feedback, the PS3 controllers rumble every time there's an explosion or crash, making the player feel like part of the action. Shoppers can choose between hard-wired controllers and those with a wireless configuration to move around freely without interruption. They come in multiple colors with some featuring specialty designs during limited-edition releases. Charging stations can accommodate one or more controllers, powering them up between uses. Consider a replacement Lithium-ion rechargeable battery to keep on hand and additional USB cables to charge remotes while connected to the console.

PS3 Headsets Immerse Players in Surroundings
Wired and wireless headsets with advanced drivers let players hear, as well as see, their surroundings. Virtual surround sound increases audio from all directions, and with a noise-canceling microphone, communicating with other players around the world is simple. Some PS3 headsets have built-in hidden microphones for convenience, while other headsets have a boom mic that flips out of the way when not in use. The padded ear covers and headband improve overall comfort, which is ideal for those who enjoy marathon sessions.

Pair the headset with a set of computer glasses to reduce eye strain and the risk of injury that comes with an artificial blue light. Companies like GUNNAR offer computer eyewear with specialized wide-angle lenses that feature a panoramic view and an anti-glare tint that improves eye comfort. They come in a wide array of styles for use indoors and outdoors and have ergonomic designs that fit most people.

Additional Accessories Improve Overall Experience
If you like to travel, consider a game bag to keep all of your PS3 accessories handy. It's designed to hold the console, necessary components such as a controller and headset, and a selection of games. Most bags have a lightweight, yet durable construction or you can opt for a sturdy case that protects against bumps and shocks. If you use PlayStation Eye or any other camera components, a mount is a must-have. It installs on top of your TV, providing a stable shelf for the camera to sit on. Additional wires and cables ensure you're always able to play, whether you use an HDMI or DVI port.

Bundled Sets Make it Easy to Get Started
Those who are just getting started with a PlayStation 3 will find bundled sets that contain the most essential components for playing. Third-party brands like dreamGEAR provide starter kits that contain three, four, or five components such as controllers, headsets, docking stations, and a media remote.