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Organize your papers and work area without sacrificing your personal style with these delightful designs from Paperchase. Use these eye-catching desk accessories and binders to make your essential items accessible and easy to find. Mix and match the designs to create a coordinated or eclectic look.

Magazine Files
Store your professional journals or hobby magazines in an attractive file box and make articles easily located for future reference. Not just for magazines, these generously sized boxes are also ideal for storing instruction manuals, slim books that get misplaced on shelves, and telephone directories for your favorite philanthropic organizations.

Both practical and decorative, these binders keep your papers organized and accessible. A variety of attractive designs allow you to personalize your storage and coordinate your binders with the rest of your office decor. Add binder accessories to make your organization system even more efficient.

Place decorative boxes on your desktop to keep small, essential items close at hand. Perfect for paperclips, thumb tacks, and rubber bands, some of these pretty boxes have a chain to keep the lid conveniently propped open while you find what you need. These boxes are also suitable for storing jewelry, craft supplies, or small keepsakes.

Desk Pads
Keep your weekly agenda prominently displayed on your desktop so that you give every item on your schedule the attention it deserves. A desk pad also makes a handy place to note special occasions and keep a running shopping list. When the school or work week is over, tear off the top sheet and start the new week with a clean slate.

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