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Choose from a wide selection of handy, inspirational notebooks. Clever and creative covers let you express your personality and inspire you to let your own imagination run free. Switch to the practical side with multi-subject, wire-bound school notebooks that carry you through an entire day.

Quirky, Personalized Style
Choose from small exercise books with bright nautical designs, or pop a mini-journal or tiny top coil notebook featuring quirky hearts into your handbag or backpack. Choose journals decorated with beading, sequins, and appliqués, and take advantage of magnetic closures that let you keep your private thoughts to yourself. Have fun as you choose just the right colorful and delightful cover for your journal, whether you prefer owls, feathers, butterflies, bold typography, or geometric Japanese-style designs.

Take Versatile Multi-subject Notes
Huge, 10-subject notebooks let you juggle multiple projects or dash from one class to the next without losing track of your notes; plastic subject dividers keep you organized. Multi-subject notebooks give you lots of close-ruled paper so you can take endless notes and stay on top of your classes, while the wire binding lets you fold the notebook flat or bend it around backwards for easy note-taking.

Create Expandable and Inspirational Entries
Linen journals let you write your deepest thoughts and secrets on high-quality ruled paper, and a ribbon bookmark lets you find your place; choose from floral, nautical and nature design themes. Embossed hardcover journals send a stunning image into the world even as they provide you with expandable pockets for you to tuck away notices, ticket stubs, and other loose papers. Add to your stylish office with Style at Staples choices, including file folders, pencil sharpeners, and erasers that all make a powerful fashion statement.

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